MillionDollarSystem Says Sell, Going Private

By: Boris Chikvashvili | Sat, May 17, 2008
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Dear Readers, MDS, Million Dollar System (proprietary system ANTI-SOPITALIST) is ON SELL SIGNAL again. Last two signals, 13th and 14th in sequence, were -13 and +31 SPX points respectively. All in all, last 14 trades have produced 13 winners and 1 loser, advancing the system into over 1100% in 20 months and over 500% in last 6 months, when it was in the public eye and available free. In 24 hours, MDS price and availability will change, and the control is transferred to another entity. The MDS statistics will be still available but not in real time.

CURRENCIES: Our long standing (DEC 2006) forecast of DOLLAR bottoming at/around PASSOVER (2008) looks more and more real. Our expectation is still for US dollar to rally into September, but we are evaluating day by day the strength of the recent turnaround to see the potential of predicted rally. It's hard for us to see US dollar advance much further than 80. Recent weakness, which started a couple of days ago, should last into the end of the month and then the rally should resume.

OIL: Our oil outlook calls for the topping process with two distinct dates for final top. Those are end of May and end of July. For the likely levels please tune in to

BONDS: After putting our subscribers in bonds at the exact top of interest rates, July 2007, we advocated gradual reduction of maturity and duration of bond holdings. We still believe, as before, that a final leg of interest rate bottom is scheduled at the break of June-July, even though we may have already established the low.

GOLD/SILVER: We have called top in metals with amazing precision (our silver top 21.212 was within less than couple cents from actual top in silver). We have also called practically every twist and turn of metals and currencies in last 6 months, including the recent ANTI DOLLAR surge by metals, currencies and oil, which we believe will last into the end of this month. Metals bottom is anticipated to coincide with the date for projected dollar rally.

STOCKS: After perfectly calling stock markets' real top in May 2007 we kept being bearish until March 17th, which we told our subscribers had a chance of being a very important turnaround point. It definitely was the most important turnaround date for dollar, stocks and gold. Now, we believe we are approaching the top of the rally and expect at least a mild downturn into July-August period, which should coincide with the secondary lows in bonds. The truth, though, is that we let MDS decide our short and intermediate moves.

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To that I would add:




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