Update of Post Coppock Curve Buy Signal Patterns

By: Gerald Hoopes | Tue, Oct 21, 2003
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The following chart is a modified update of the last chart in my June 27, 2003 communication. The modification consists of plotting only the 1st 100 trading days following each buy signal (given that only 100 trading days have elapsed since the 5/30/03 signal.)

The following 2 line charts are modified updates of the last 2 charts in my July 30 communication. The modification consists of changing the time spans to cover the 500 trading days before and the 500 trading days after each of the 2 buy signals (where possible, that is, given that only 100 trading days have elapsed since the 5/30/03 signal).

The purpose of this latter modification is to make the 2 line charts comparable timewise to the Monthly DJIA line chart shown below (as borrowed from my October 1, 2003 communication).

Finally, heres a new line chart, covering the same time spans, showing Peter Eliades' CI-NCI Ratio in its pure form (i.e., without me smoothing it with six 10-day moving averages.)

As to all of the above charts, it's still too soon to ascertain whether or not post-5/30/03 paths are tracking post-4/28/78 paths well enough to pair off.


Author: Gerald Hoopes

Gerald Hoopes

An explanation of the Coppock Curve can be found at How to Calculate the Coppock Curve. An archive of Geralds comments can be found in the forums at www.longwaves.net.

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