Precious Points: Full Faith and Credit

By: Oroborean | Mon, Sep 8, 2008
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"About the best that can be said is that gold has put in a series of higher highs and lows since hitting a bottom three weeks ago, but resistance at the 5-week simple moving average, the bearish crossover of the 50-week ma over the 5, and the failure of MACD to confirm this move higher, all weigh heavily. The situation in silver is similar, but even less optimistic. We shouldn't be surprised to see gold near $900 and silver near $15 in the short term, though this won't necessarily mean a bottom is in place." ~ Precious Points: Topping the Copper Top, August 30, 2008

A few weeks ago, this update mentioned the complete lack of credibility of Treasury and the Fed, at least compared to other agencies of certain other nations. That lack of credibility has again produced consequences as the Treasury's attempt to talk the market into backing Fannie and Freddie were ignored almost entirely, necessitating the nationalization of the GSE's and the secondary market in mortgages. Which begs the question, just how much money is there?

The answer, of course, is virtually infinite, as the government's debt is simply offset by future tax revenues, as always. It's uncertain exactly how markets will react to the news, but it's quite possible it'll be seen as a positive development. Whereas my personal view has always been that U.S. default is unlikely if not impossible, on top of the Bear Sterns buyout, two wars, and the largest budget deficits ever, another potentially huge tax payer liability seems to at least suggest a way it might happen.

In the short term, precious metals will continue to trade along with many commodities opposite the dollar, which may be bullish because many commodities appear ready for a relief rally as the dollar prepares to consolidate. The wave count presented in gold last week is essentially unchanged.

But whereas gold has so far made a higher low, silver did not fare so well. The good news is that five waves down might now be complete and silver, too, could be ready to rally at least to about $13.

And IF the diagonal described in copper last week is going to survive, it must rally off the Friday lows, as the pattern has been stretched to the limit of the parallel, almost beyond credibility.


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Joe Nicholson (oroborean)

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