Greenspan and the Gold Standard: Thinking Out Loud

By: Kurt Kasun | Fri, Nov 7, 2008
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I wish some Congressman would have had the courage to ask Greenspan why he abandoned his principles he so eloquently (and correctly) wrote about in 1966 before becoming a government sell out like the rest of them (rather than Grandstanding, but nothing new with that). By framing the debate between regulation and free markets (Waxman and all the other Democrats versus Greenspan) they totally miss that we can't have free markets without a gold standard and that every paper currency throughout the 5000-yr history of man has failed -- wow that is some track record. The real issue is the gold and we are certain to come learn that lesson very soon now, and it is going to be tragic and painful. Read Greenspan's own words...before he sold out to fiat currencies and then to free markets...












Author: Kurt Kasun

Kurt Kasun

Kurt Kasun

A contributing writer to, Kurt Kasun writes a high-end investment timing service, GlobalMacro, which is focused on identifying opportunities that produce returns in excess of market with reasonable risk. He is strategically located in Washington, D.C., a key to maintaining contacts and relationships which help Kurt understand global policy and economic factors as they emerge. His investment approach has always been macro in nature largely due to his undergraduate studies at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point (B. S. National Security, Public Affairs, 1989) and his graduate studies at George Mason University (M.A. International Commerce and Policy, 2006).

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