Obamas Next Great Plan: "Super Global TARP"

By: J.D. Rosendahl | Sun, Mar 29, 2009
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My family has very close and significant ties to high ranking Senators, Congressman, lobbyists and various political aids in D.C. And the recent buzz on Capital Hill is the growing concern over whether the bailout programs being issued by our government will work or not. There's considerable stress and debate among the inner circles of Washington, so much so, they are discussing the next great plan should all of the current plans fail to pull America out of a deflationary spiral.

It's important to understand most high ranking politicians care greatly about there own legacy, power, and re-election, and the current team of politicians is no different. They can go down in history as the heroes or the goats in this financial mess, and currently, there is significant consternation about the direction of the USA in the highest political circles.

In essence, from what I'm hearing, the question is as follows: "If the bailout plans being issued do not work or only work temporarily, than what? Who or how do we bail out the current bail out programs and our government or economy? What strategies should be in place now to be implemented later should it be needed in the near future to stem further financial chaos?" I'll admit that line of thinking seems logical so far given the current financial circumstances.

However, the latest idea is a wild one at best and quite scary. Our President is going to privately and secretly sit in front of global leaders and ask them to fund a new global coalition type bail out program larger than anything we've seen. Think TARP on steroids! He's going to make the argument that America is the AIG of the world, and we are too big to fail. That it's in the best interest of all countries and their economies to support America, because we are a large portion of the global economy and they can't afford the U.S. dragging them into the deflationary nightmare.

Furthermore, he's going to artfully convince these global leaders to pool their capital resources into this new super global TARP like plan to support the American way, and to do so, our President will offer the proverbial carrot and stick as enticements to join our cause. The carrot will consist of various types of collateral or backing to sweeten the offering. The stick will come in the form of significant punitive damages.

There are a number of various items being discussed as potential collateral for this new plan. I've heard such things as offering rights to the Alaskan Pipeline, land owned by our government under the Bureau of Land Management, confiscating oil wells inland and offshore, elimination of import tariffs, gold owned by our government, issuing a special national real estate tax and a national sales tax, and even possibly allowing foreign governments to confiscate the assets of U.S. citizen's and corporations held abroad.

These were just some of the more outrageous items being discussed in support of the next plan. This offering of collateral is designed to gain the appropriate level of financial interest and commitments from global leaders, while leveraging some the most important American assets.

When I heard of these proposed ideas I was outraged and inflamed. It grates against the very fiber of being an American, and what the framers of this country had in mind. It's appalling that our government seeks to leverage or sell America in such a fashion. Its one step away from reporting to some foreign government should they foreclose on that collateral. It gets worse.

The stick in this plan is to bully leaders into submission with the threat of default on U.S. Treasury Bonds, but only those bonds held by foreign governments who do not participate in this new plan. Either way, we get their funds, through the carrot or through the stick. We are going to man handle foreign governments into the American way. Either way, we leverage our way of life, or alienate cultures across the globe.

What's most important for the reader to understand about this new government bail out plan is: April Fools. That's right, April Fools and for the record, my family has no ties to the political system, and this article in its entirety is a spoof. Specifically, this article is meant to stretch the minds of the reader. To think outside the box and consider what do we do in the very near future if the current bail out effort doesn't work in the long run. What crazy half baked idea is next? Or when is enough government insanity finally enough? Or how much baggage are we going to leave for the younger generations to deal with in 5-10-20 years? If we continue to think we can get something for nothing, well we deserve what we get, but our children get something they didn't deserve.

While the economic troubles of today are extremely serious and not a laughing matter, I imagine the framers of our constitution and the people who sailed to this country to begin a new way of life are all spinning in their graves. And not because of the financial troubles we have today, but rather at the inappropriate size, power and insanity of our government.

I've read, "That man (society) gets the politicians they deserve". OUCH! We must have been bad little boys and girls. Think about that quote for a while, it's more a reflection of society not our politicians and who or where we are as a society.

It doesn't matter whether we have a Donkey or an Elephant in the white house because in essence we still have the same zoo of animals with their over spending, artificial inflation of assets and economies mentality running our government. As long as we accept the size and shape of the government of the past 20-30 years we are in trouble.

The answer to our problems is not expecting a different result from the same old actions (more government spending) from the same old political system. Isn't that essentially the definition of insanity? Rather, shouldn't we look in the mirror as a society, taking ownership over our issues and becoming a different collective social body? Then and only then we will get the politicians we deserve and the desired political system, which will reflect our new attitudes and strategies of importance for America.

If at nothing else, I hope this article made you laugh at whom we are, and think about where we are going, and to reflect on what's really important to you, My Fellow American!

Hope all is well.



Author: J.D. Rosendahl

J.D. Rosendahl

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