Just About Everywhere I Read, The Bottom Has Been Put In

By: John Law | Mon, Apr 20, 2009
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Bought March 6th ULPIX, Sold April 17th.

Indicators then anticipating multi-week to multi-month rally, there may be ½ left in this rally. More often than not, when the 50 DMA rises to the falling but leveling off 200 DMA, the 50 DMA falls for a re-test, if it fails, it rises crossing the 200 DMA signaling intermediate bear-market rally or the start of new bull. This is not the start of the new bull, the low is still out there! 400 minus 500 S&P. 50 DMA - is 812; 200 DMA is 1,046

Debt is being taken out of the system, this is occurring now. Much as the Central Banks are trying to feed money into the system, the collapse basically takes money out faster than they can put it in.

Two Great reads.

"Anson's - Handbook of alternative investments"
"Gibson's - book on Allocation"



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