What Will You Do When Gold Hits $1200 an Oz.?

By: Dudley Baker | Wed, Oct 7, 2009
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We along with several other analysts have been looking for an upside breakout in gold. Today, October 6th we got that breakout with gold exploding to over $1040 an oz into new high territory.

I ask the question, jokingly, What Will You Do When Gold Hits $1200 an Oz, because we know that many investors are not even in the game as yet.

As many readers and investors are still saying, 'I'll just watch for now', well, we have to laugh. Many (hopefully not you) will be watching as the price of gold, silver, the majors, the juniors and even the dogs and cats catch on fire. We know how this story ends, don't we? As soon as the average investor loads up his portfolio at outrageously high prices that is when we will be approaching a top.

If we make $1200 or beyond on this move up it will no doubt be an opportune time to take some gains off of the table for those of us already invested (at much lower levels).

Our view is that this rally is not going to be a straight run up to the top (it never is) and we will have to make many decisions along the way. But always remember, you can't sell high, if you didn't buy low.

The low prices for gold and the juniors are now behind so investors must make some good decisions from here on out instead of just throwing darts at the board. It's not too late; you just have to be smarter and more careful as prices continue to rise.

The good news is that we see must higher prices for gold, the junior's, even the dogs and cats in the coming 18 months or so. Lot's of time for you to get involved and ride this wave.

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