Pattern Pairs in the Smoothed Trin

By: Gerald Hoopes | Sat, Apr 24, 2004
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My February 24, and March 17, 2004 communications present line charts of the Smoothed CI-NCI Ratio and the Complex Coordinate respectively. The time spans covered are the 500 trading days before and the 500 trading days after the last 8 deep Monthly DJIA Coppock Curve buy signals.

The coordinate not shown in either communication is the inverted Six by Ten NYSE Trin (linear and log respectively). When that coordinate is shown in line charts covering the same 8 time spans, 4 pattern pairs emerge once again. Here it is in linear form:


Author: Gerald Hoopes

Gerald Hoopes

An explanation of the Coppock Curve can be found at How to Calculate the Coppock Curve. An archive of Geralds comments can be found in the forums at

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