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By: J.D. Rosendahl | Wed, Jan 6, 2010
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Peter Schiff for President! Okay, I'm getting a little ahead of myself; however Mr. Schiff is running for Senate in 2010 in the State of Connecticut. And, the current Senator (Dodd) has announced he's retiring as Senator of Connecticut when his term ends this year.

When I first learned Peter Schiff was running for office, I was very excited about the prospect of someone like Peter holding office in the Senate. He's been one of the few people to forecast the current financial nightmare in this country long before it happened. He warned those who would listen to protect their assets. And he clearly understands and articulates the problems and functional solutions of and for this country. For more about Mr. Schiff's campaign and his views his website is He simply gets it right!

Since I don't live in Connecticut, Mr. Schiff can't represent me directly. However and far more importantly, for every American who is tired of the same old failed political system and morally bankrupt politicians, he represents us all every day for the kind of functional change this country needs so desperately.

I've never in my life been that excited about politics because I believe during my adult life most politicians have failed Americans and no more so that right now. I've also never considered supporting a politician financially. That's all about to change for me. Even though I'm not a resident of Connecticut, I plan on sending Mr. Schiff a donation for his campaign. I want him to win because I want his views on the national scene within the political frame work of this country.

No, I'm no billionaire trying to purchase his ear, nor do I represent any large corporation or lobbying group with an agenda to promote. I simply believe supporting Mr. Schiff is good for America and might just be the beginning of the kind of change we need in Washington D.C. Peter's victory might create what I'd like to call the Schiff momentum towards more responsible people running for office across this land, and maybe over time we can restore America closer to the greatness the founders of this country had envisioned.

I've never met or talked to Mr. Schiff. I'm writing this article because I feel he brings the right voice to government that is long over due. His views are squarely focused on the major issues of our time. Whether you live in California or Texas, Florida or New York, or anywhere across this country, you have the opportunity to promote healthy ideas and change for this country by supporting Mr. Schiff's efforts.

Send a little contribution to his campaign. I know times are tough, but if you're tired of the same old government its time to make a difference. Send something you feel comfortable with even if you think it's a small amount. A grass roots movement of financial support outside of his home state can really add up. More importantly, your support of a Peter Schiff victory sends a clear message to all politicians you want functional change, and soon. Peter Schiff is good for Connecticut, and he's great for us all!

Hope all is well!



Author: J.D. Rosendahl

J.D. Rosendahl

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