3 Things Everyone Needs to Do with Money in 2010

By: Paul Mladjenovic | Fri, Jan 22, 2010
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Yes...2008-09 was a bruising time period. Many securities plunged and many accounts were massacred. Although we got through it, there is an uneasy feeling that more trouble is yet to come.

I expect that more catastrophes are heading our way since the fundamentals for our economy are still very weak and Washington is still working on policies that will do more harm than good. In the past twelve months, our expanding federal government has added trillions more in debt to our already massive debt burden.


I am working on my next set of forecasts and seminars but before they are out, I want everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) to consider 3 simple things to gain greater financial peace of mind:

Trillion-dollar tinkering will continue in Washington. Ongoing massive blunders and financial difficulties will need to be faced by all of us. Take steps now. You will be glad you did.

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We have to be mindful of the fact that much of today's difficulties (and tomorrow's) is not due to some "Democrat" or "Republican" or strictly to something that is "left-wing" or "right-wing". It is primarily due to Statism. "Statism" is the idea and practice that government should kept growing and becoming more and more involved in our private lives, businesses and finances. Unfortunately, most politicians across the political landscapes tend to be statists (at varying degrees). For the public, this is a fatal attraction since the unintended consequence is that it breeds greater dependence for more and more of our citizenry.

The problem with dependence means setting yourself up for vulnerability. Don't let it happen! Today, there are millions of adults in our country that are dependent on others (such as government). What happens when government fails? Would you want to depend on a government bureaucracy such as the state of California or on a corporation such as General Motors (which is also dependent on government)? What other government agencies and corporations are at risk? What will happen when the federal government itself starts having financial problems? How about Social Security?

The more you strive for independence and self-sufficiency, the safer you will be.



Paul Mladjenovic

Author: Paul Mladjenovic

Paul Mladjenovic, CFP

Paul Mladjenovic

Paul Mladjenovic, CFP is the author of the audio ebook "Financial Firewall: How to Protect your Money and investments in the age of Financial Chaos" and his website is www.RavingCapitalist.com. He is also the author of "Precious Metals Investing for Dummies" and the financial newsletter, the Prosperity Alert.

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