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By: Bruce Stratton | Sat, Apr 10, 2010
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We hope you like the site re-design. The new coding will allow us to add new features going forward, and correct some of the persistent server overload problems we were experiencing.

What's Improved, and What's Not!

The Archives page has been redesigned for your convenience. The new Archives is split into two sections, Authors and Articles. Where an author has written under different venues, the venue will appear after his/her name.

Many of the author archive pages now contain an "about" section, for example: and the author disclaimer at the end of an article has in many cases been enhanced with larger images and more information.

Page URLs (page addresses) have been changed to meet the demands of search engines. If you have an old URL bookmarked, it will be redirected to the correct page. For example, if you have or bookmarked, you will be sent to, which is the new URL. A shorthand version of this URL will also work

We apologize to those who follow the site via a news reader. In many case the URL change will have caused duplication of articles in your reader. This is a one-time event, and will not be repeated.

Missing at the moment is a section for Linked Articles. We're working on integrating this with "Commentaries" on home page, and maintaining an archive for the latest 100 linked articles.

The font size is the same as the old site, but the additional white space may cause reading problems for some users. We will be integrating a ± font size link shortly.

We encourage you to contact us if you have any problems or recommendations.



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