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By: John Mackenzie | Fri, Aug 20, 2004
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Chairman Greenspan's Statist Course is becoming far more tragic with each passing day in this observers opinion. Sadly, most Americans are far too "busy" to observe the relationships beneath the economic landscape. Understanding is gained in 5 to 15 second clips of candy coated shell which quickly melts away to reveal what passes for journalism at present, propaganda.

Excessive creation of Credit, Money, Wealth and Debt through abysmal Governmental Monetary and Fiscal Policy is nothing more than a fraud. We are playing a deadly game of Roulette with our lives and future generations in our quest for more.

Foreign Policy has served to enrich the First Abusers and undermine our what's left of our rich and important history. Iraq is fast becoming a broadening disaster. "An End to Evil", the modern version of Mein Kampf for Dummies, the "Plan." Trade Policy has fundamentally served to hollow out one of the most productive enterprises the world has ever known.

Principles, one's this great nation was founded upon, have been systematically replaced by expediency, the need for results. And within our history, these transgressions have assumed the resultant co-efficient need not observe the ethical or moral, but pride itself upon its own misguided metrics.

Dignity, self-respect and value and been replaced by virtue of this process and something for nothing is currently facing record demand. Disdainful conduct has served to further disfigure our form in matters whereby constraint should have been employed by any logical standard.

Collectively, America has detached itself from reality and chosen to follow the path of denial and we will be left to face the consequences of our choices and acceptance of indecision through our own apathy.

The distortions have now grown far too large to manage. When the "Day of Reckoning" arrives, I no longer question the ending. Balance will be restored, horrifically so...

It will be immense in scope and change our very lives so completely, the shock may well prove to be far to great for those who have not prepared in advance.

You cannot cheat death, by ideal or nature. And the Truth, it prevails one way or another.

It is truly all or nothing and attempting to profit from nothing will prove to be folly.

Secure honest money now, it will play an important role in the future. Play the gold equities game for now, but in this observers opinion, the ending assures those paper promise tickets end up in flames with the rest.


Author: John Mackenzie

John Mackenzie

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