Investing Wisely -- Update with Recommendations and Personalized Follow-Up

By: Steve Bauer | Fri, Dec 31, 2010
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Update & Recommendations:

In my last Update, a couple of weeks ago, I suggested that the - September to date rally is exhausted, and you should either be in cash or on your way to cash. That is definitely the case today.

I continue to believe that is a fact. There are many confirming factors that tangible support this recommendation.

Over this past couple of weeks, during the holiday season, the market is now setting up for yet a second attempt at a Pullback. Next week or perhaps shortly beyond, the needed Bearish Inflection Point (a second one) and my important "Conformations" should materialize. This situation (two Bearish Inflection Points in a row) normally does not occur all that often, which means the coincidence of yet another Bearish Inflection Point at what the technicians will call a "double / triple - top."

That too suggests that holding long positions is not all that wise.

These past weeks have been filled with chatter and believe it or not some very good directions offered by the bloggers, financial analysts and lay people about the marketplace in 2011. I am certainly one of those contributors. I'm listening and reading carefully, are you?

I hope you are following my - Personal / Private Blog.

Something to Ponder:

Today is very special for me. I get to post my personal (Economic & Stock Market) thoughts here in for reasons that you may not be aware of. They are:

The web-master and owner of is an incredible guy. I believe he produces and publishes the finest financial blog available. Bruce Stratton is a seasoned investment specialist who provides me, and others, with a gift that few could ever expect. It is simple. He permits me to share many years of experience in a forthright and pragmatic manner. That is very special, you see all other financial blogs have "rules" and "editing procedures" that distort and twist the truth as well as the facts. Sometimes this is so self-serving that I have withdrawn from two such blogs in just this past year. Please honor him by sending your year-end appreciation for his hard work and dedication to serving you.

For the past days, 7 in total - excluding Christmas day I have published articles that are very hard hitting, and I believe will provide you with insight that others seem to gloss over. Bruce has not restricted my effort, and I am grateful. My articles, for the most part, have been very negative about the coming months and perhaps 2011, because we are historically in 'very negative' economic times.

So, I am concerned about you. I believe these negative economic times will continue, and you will perhaps be given reasons for psychologically withdrawing from investing - that is if you haven't already. I suggest - that would be a serious mistake, and you will be hurt if you follow the crowd into hibernation. I have managed assets for over 50 years, and I can tell you without hesitation - if you 'follow the crowd' you will not prosper in the stock market.

Of all the negative, the stock market is and will continue to be a place to grow your assets and prosper. This past decade both Wall Street, the media and most financial analysts have denied you that privilege. As you might have already figured out - I have as my purpose to rectify that problem to the best of my ability.

For me, the best thing that this stock market has given us (you and I), in the past several years, is / are ETFs. If you follow my work you will know that I have successfully identified all Inflection Points (turning points) in the stock market, since I published - "Go to Cash" in October 2007. I was also quite accurate with my methodology over the previous 40 years.

What this boast means to you is that - IF the stock market is in the trouble, and I believe it is - then investing in Inverse ETFs at and coincident with Bearish Inflection Points will offer you profits like in the good old days. Just maybe if you follow my advice you can once again financially sleep well at night.

I highly recommend that you go to Google and spend some serious time studying and understanding just what these ETFs are all about. There is both positive and negative for you to consider. It's an opportunity for profitable investing that is rarely offered by the financial industry, and I suggest you take advantage of what - it (ETFs) can do for you.

I'll likely return to my - once every couple week - Update & Recommendations postings, e.g., unless something comes along that I would like to share.

Have a wonderful, profitable and healthy new year.

If you would like to have further information:

Just send me an Email, and I will respond promptly.

Thank you for your time in reading my "stuff" and continued interest in my work / analytics.

Smile, have Fun - "Investing Wisely",



Steve Bauer

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Steve Bauer

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