Gold Step Up To Heaven

By: readtheticker | Mon, Mar 28, 2011
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Gold continues to run up the Gann angle 45 degree line. Buyers come in on the dips. Question, what will stop or even slow down this power rally. Answer, changes in central bank and government policies. A burst of strong dollar in 2008 didnt slow down gold, nor did the financial crisis, QE1 ending didnt, nothing so far. The bull market has proved itself. This bull market has yet to see the gold 1980s style blow off. The bulls are praying for a happy and wealthy ending.

Chart review. The 1x1 Gann angle and hurst cycles are all performing well. This is a very well behaved bull market. We cant see the ending of QE2 stopping this bull market. Buy the dips has worked in the last two years, so buy the dips stays true until it doesnt work any more.

Gold Trust Fund Diagram




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