Can You Make Me Rich By Christmas?

By: readtheticker | Thu, Apr 21, 2011
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In any community there is always one who asks the obnoxious question, you know the Uncle who drinks to much, the silly kid who is not to bright, well we have been getting one or two as well: Can you make me rich? So we got thinking..

But first read me..

We cant make you rich, you must do that yourself, but we hope our tools help you.

We do not advise individuals on how to trade or invest.

We do not offer a trade selection service, only charing and tools.

We are not financial advisors.

Every thing you do is at your own risk.

We do not encourage high risk strategies, but each to their own.

We assume you accept the terms and conditions of our site if you wish to read further.

So lets investigate, what is required to 'make you rich by christmas'.

REQUIRED: To make money quickly in the stock market, you need the security to move fast, the faster the better.

TOOL: Gann Angles measure movement in price relative to time. Therefore you would require price to move at least two, four or eight times faster than one unit of time. Therefore Gann Angles required are 1x2, 1x4, 1x8 or better (for bullish trades). (Note: Our Gann Angles require a squaring of the chart to equal 1x1 of time and price).

REQUIRED: How to know when price is about to move. A pivot point or break out. Some sort of waypoint for the market take off. Plus a method to scan a portfolio to find cycles that are working.

TOOL: Hurst cycles that correlate well with price action will give you a heads up on the expected next tuning point. provides a hurst cycle scanner.

REQUIRED: How to judge the health of the move.

TOOL: Apply Wyckoff price to volume analysis.

REQUIRED: I need and entry plan in what is to expected to be a very fast and dangerous market.

TOOL: Entry when cycle confirms bullish upswing, exit when price slows down or breaks the selected Gann angle to measure price speed relative to time.

Example of the higher risk strategies Gann, Hurst and Wyckoff tools can help you with.

Euro Dollar Trust

You can learn more via this link: Powerful Patterns

Sometimes you can get trades like this, sometimes they are a little slower, and if they are real slow, why bother with them and exit position immediately. The most important tool Gann gave to the investing community is the correct measure of price relative to time. After all if you going to hold a security for months, for each unit of time you hold it, you should hopefully get an equal unit of price as well. Next time you review your portfolio statistics of EPS, PEs, Debt to equity ratio you must add the Gann Angle that price is obeying (time x price: 1x1, 1x2, 1x4, 1x8 etc) so you know your monies are growing faster than you age (ha)!




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