The Only Chart That Will Make You a Silver Millionaire!

By: readtheticker | Mon, May 16, 2011
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At my time of my life, they are not going to make me an editor of the 'Sun' or 'Daily Mirror' so this blog is my only chance of creating great tabloid headlines. When I created this chart I said to my self, 'Darn, I wish I was twenty', because this chart will help you make your fortune with silver speculation for a life time.

The gold silver ratio is well written about, my guess this is the first time you have seen the significant dominant cycle within it. The dominant cycle can be found via our RTT Cycle Finder Spectrum (you can learn more via our Jim Hurst page)

The cycle (blue line) has been true since 1971, with only two inversions, this is over 90% accuracy. A very significant cycle. The recent May 2011 silver blow off top was well forecast, and it looks like we going into a slump for a couple of years, unless we get an inversion, and that is a big 'if'. The recent May 2011 high of $48 for silver will be massive resistance for a few years to come. This is not bad news, as we think silver we be pushed down below $24 and that should be a great buy, for the next 'make me millions run up'. Remember the market always goes further than you think, and also this is a gold silver ratio chart not a silver or gold price chart, so the actual price of each could remain very high and still give a signal on the ratio chart.

We use our Hurst proprietary tools to watch out for price to cycle inversion, the chances are slim (under 10%), but hey Ben Bernanke can do QE3,4,5,6,7 etc in the next 3 to 4 years, so who knows. But we do anticpate more silver selling along with our market bearish view as this will help bring all commodity prices down.

Our website will be live soon, so you too can build your own porfolio of dominant cycles within the Gann, Hurst and Wyckoff toolset. Of course you can find other dominant cycle within the full range of commodity and currency ETFs, plenty of markets to follow while silver may have a downer. Lots of fun.

The silver chart.

Gold Trust Fund/Silver Trust
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