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By: Erik Swarts | Mon, May 16, 2011
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There's nothing slim about Carlos.


Say what you like about Carlos Slim and his preference for capitalist hegemony rather than philanthropy - the man can trade. In the years to come he will likely widen the gap between the richest man in the world and everyone else.

A few weeks back as Zero Hedge wrongfully speculated (surprise, surprise...) that the silver shorts were DOA, because Carlos Slim was about to purchase the remaining physical silver out of the market - Mr. Slim was out actively hedging (selling short) his own mine production two to three years out. In essence, likely more than doubling the market price he will receive if silver continues to trade along the parabolic arc as expressed by the Nasdaq, Circa 2000.

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Impressive - very impressive.

Glad that Market Anthropology and Carlos are on the same page here.


On a side note - it was brought to my attention that some folks are experiencing problems with their RSS feeds with my last piece (this Saturday, here). I am trying to resolve the matter, but it may take a few days. I try to routinely update the Chart Lab section of the site. Unfortunately it will not show up in the RSS feed which draws from the main page.

I just joined Twitter. All my trades and occasional market musings are disclosed in real-time here.

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