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By: Ian Campbell | Fri, May 20, 2011
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Yesterday I found an interview titled 'Game Over: U.S. Wins, Says Mark Lapolla, But Future To See Very Little Growth'. It took me about 45 minutes to read it carefully. To download this (PDF) article directly, click here.

Normally I only suggest articles in these commentaries that take a maximum of 10 minutes to read. In this case, I am making an exception. Assuming you are reading this commentary because you participate in the equity markets, I strongly recommend you read what I think is a highly thought provoking article. Mark Lapolla is an American who is seen by many, including himself as I read this interview, as a contrarian who thinks unlike most about the macro-economy and the American economy. He currently is a managing director and strategic research chief of Knight Capital Americas. In the foreword to this interview his writing (and I presume his interview content) is described as 'pugnacious and non-consensus'. Here, in broad-brush terms, is what I took from this lengthy interview of Lapolla by Kathryn M. Welling of welling@weeden.

The foregoing really doesn't do justice to the content of the Lapolla interview. Some of it is pretty tough going - but again I strongly recommend you take the time to read this interview and work your way through the difficult parts. I think it is a highly useful 'food for thought' article. For sure it doesn't simply mimic other articles in the repetitive way much of what I have been reading lately does. While I don't agree with everything Lapolla says (and suspect many of you likewise will question a number of his views) I learned a lot from this interview, continue to think about what he said, and suggest you do the same.



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