Investing Wisely -- Update with Recommendations and Personalized Follow-Up

By: Steve Bauer | Sun, Jun 5, 2011
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Update & Recommendations:

In my previous Update, a couple of weeks ago, I continued to provide support that a meaningful General Market Bearish Inflection Point was long over-due. I have also stated, in my other blog Commentaries, that - this marketplace - looks and feels a great deal like the middle of 2007 or perhaps even closer to the October 2007 top. This statement is supported by Fundamental valuations, Technical analytics and Consensus data. I suggest you take these remarks seriously. I have good reason to believe that you do not take this advice 'seriously.'

This past couple of weeks strongly support the above position. There will be "bounce" rallies, but so far they are only going through the process of "Confirming" all my warnings of bearish conditions.

Crude Oil, Energy / Gold and Silver are "Breaking Down" and that too is serious. Navigating through this mine-field will be as difficult as, I can remember. The manipulation is severe and the ethics of Wall Street, Mutual Funds and Stock Brokers are lost forever.

My Table of all the Sectors and Commodities is posted each Wednesday in the following URL. Note that it is the same as the below invitation to visit my Personal / Private Blog.!/InvestRotation

You will be notified, here in when the General Market confirms my anticipated Bearish Inflection Point - it will be something like: "Houston it's a Go - we are airborne . . ." If you are on my mail / alert list you will receive the same only more information. If you are a prospective client, you will receive specific recommendations.

This will be as far as I go in publishing in my blogs, and that will not be sufficient for you to protect and profit within your portfolio. You might just check its (your portfolios) progress since the end of the year. It is "NADA"!

I sincerely hope you maintaining the ever more necessary - patience and discipline - to prosper in this crazy marketplace. My experience is that, few will be able to make it through this "rare" time period in the history of the stock market and be profitable when it ends.

You are also invited to follow my - Personal / Private Blog. It is boring but accurate and profitable information!!/InvestRotation

Something to Ponder:

As you know - within this missive I stop short of providing specific recommendations. If you are interested in a more specific dialog, please let me know. Just so you know, I will work with you for a time if you currently are seeking or believe you may have in the future - interest in my professional asset management / consulting / mentoring services.

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Thank you for your time in reading my "stuff" and continued interest in my work / analytics.

Smile, have Fun - "Investing Wisely",



Steve Bauer

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