US Dollar Not in a Mark Down Phase

By: readtheticker | Fri, Jul 8, 2011
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At the moment the US Dollar down trend has officially stopped, and this is scaring some folk. After all in the last few days we have heard the Chinese have been buying Euro, the EU commissioner try to hush up the rating agencies, and more talk on dummying down US CPI calculation all to keep the euro up and dollar down. Via Wyckoff 2.0 phase analysis the US dollar is no longer in a mark down phase, knowing this should activate portfolio adjustments across all 'risk on' assets classes.

No body on Wallstreet or Washington wants the US Dollar rally, after all this would rock all the pretty risk on portfolios that must show gains to pull in more retail investors cash. The SP500 has punched up hard recently but the dollar has not rolled over, this is because the $USD is attracting buying.

We can not yet call a mark up phase in the US Dollar, as we need a sign of strength that the bulls are serious, we can still get a push down to create some sort of shake out or spring before the Mr Market bulls show their hand.

The next few weeks may be a cross roads in world markets.

Side note: Very short term traders (option traders and day traders), you know those folk who think holding a position over night is a crime against the state, consider short term trades on the correct side of the blue corridor (1x2) or better for much bigger gains.

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