There is Nothing to Fear but the TSA Itself

By: Jeff Berwick | Fri, Jul 8, 2011
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What ever happened to the Home of the Brave? If the average American's views and priorities are any indication, that should be changed to the Home of the Brainwashed and Scared.

In a poll done late last year, the majority of Americans support all of the TSA's procedures. Many state that they support the invasive measures because they fear terrorism. Yet, what were the total deaths in 2009, for example, from terrorism in the US? Zero.

Total deaths from heart disease was over 600,000. Total deaths from cigarettes was over 400,000. Alcohol? Direct deaths of over 23,000... probably related deaths into the hundreds of thousands.

Yet, many people will sit at McDonalds eating a Big Mac, fries and a coke and smoking a cigarette while preparing for a night out of binge drinking and tell you that they are scared of terrorists and that we need to fight the war on terrorism. They will also tell you that we need to continue the war on drugs because drugs are dangerous. Total deaths from marijuana in 2009? Zero.

Total Deaths in the US (2009)

Talk about having your priorities backwards. The things that really do kill people are never worried about. The things that almost never kill people are constantly presented by the Government and the media as dire threats and trillions of your dollars are spent fighting against them - putting hundreds of thousands in jail and killing millions of people worldwide - not to mention bankrupting the US Government and many of its people in the process.

In order to match the total killed by heart disease and cigarettes every year, 4,526 Boeing 757 airliners would have to be exploded, killing all of the 234 passengers aboard to equal the same amount of deaths. That, by the way, is almost every 757 that has ever been built (6,638).

Why doesn't the US mainstream media lead off every newscast by saying, "Today, 1,687 were killed by poor diet and a lack of exercise and 1,213 were killed from smoking cigarettes. And in other news, zero people died today from terrorism or marijuana"?


Despite zero US deaths per year in the US from terrorism since 9/11, the TSA is expanding at a voracious rate.

TSA Logo

The TSA has been found screening train passengers and Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano has admitted that body scanners would eventually find their way into U.S. public transportation, trains and boats and is already beta-testing technology that goes even further, by forcing Americans to undergo a behavioral interrogation before they are allowed to enter sports events, rock concerts and shopping malls. They've even proposed doing patdowns at high school proms!

In June they spread way beyond airport security. A joint VIPR "security exercise" involving military personnel had Transportation Security Administration workers covering 5,000 miles and three states. The TSA is turning into a literal occupying army for domestic repression in America.

As well, they keep coming up with new threats that they say we all need to be worried about. They never cite any actual source, always proclaiming that "terrorist chatter" has indicated the threat. Who are these terrorists and where are they all chattering? That is top secret.

Now they say that the big threat is terrorists implanting bombs before boarding airplanes! Of course, the TSA states that this will require "enhanced", more invasive patdowns. They've even stated that the bombs could be placed in breast implants! So, get ready ladies, we're going to have to double and triple check those breasts for any signs of irregularities.

And just yesterday the TSA has stated that they will have to do a pat-down of "poofy hair".

What's next? Mandatory hair shaving before boarding a flight or train? Why not also just require tattooing of your social insurance number on your arm as well? Better safe than sorry, right?

If you live in the US and want to be more safe than sorry, it is best to plan now for further removal of liberties and a larger police state as the US Government collapses. We recommend that American citizens prepare now while they still can by securing a second foreign passport and moving a significant portion of assets outside of the country. For those who are able, expatriation is another option that should be seriously considered. Some of our favorite expatriation destinations include Argentina (especially Galt's Gulch in Argentina), Paraguay and many others.


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Jeff Berwick

Author: Jeff Berwick

Jeff Berwick
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