Investing Wisely -- Update with Recommendations and Personalized Follow-Up

By: Steve Bauer | Mon, Sep 5, 2011
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Update & Recommendations:

There seems to be some confusion as to my current position on the Longer-Term of the General Market.

The Primary Trend (Cycles) is clearly DOWN and is likely to stay that way for some period of time.

There are Secondary and even third and fourth tier Trends (Cycles) that work within the Primary Trend. That means while the Primary Trend is currently down there will be bullish bounces, some that are rather meaningful, but until those trends turn up again, the Primary Trend will remain down.

These secondary and subordinate Trends (Cycles) can be used to take near and short-term bullish or bearish positions with very little risk.

The importance of your understanding the above four paragraphs is vital to your Investing Wisely.

* There is no question that Buy and Hold is dead and has been for well over a decade.

* There is no question that the Dow 30 Industrials high of 2007 will not be challenged for quite some time and I mean 'quite some time.'

* There is no question that most all Mutual Funds are going to hurt your retirement plans and cause a great deal of sleepless nights. Financial Peace of Mind (using mutual funds) is something of the Past.

* There is no question that the financial analysts and assets managers that are propounding their advice is - guiding you down a path that should not and need not be followed.

* There is no question that the only answer is for you personally to take charge and learn to listen to just what the Marketplace is telling you each and every day and STOP chasing the information in the Newspapers, Financial Networks and 99% of those of us who Blog. The alternative to your personally 'taking charge' is to start a meaningful dialog with someone who 'appears' to know what they are talking about, with a long list of articles and commentaries to support what they say, and carefully read their responses to your hard questions.

You might like to check in with my personal & private blog for my rather frequent updates. I always publish on Wednesday after the close and on Saturday night or Sunday morning.!/InvestRotation

For personal answers to your questions and thoughts and perhaps more specific details, please contact me by Email:

Thanks again for your interest in my work,

Smile, have Fun - "Investing Wisely",



Steve Bauer

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