Turning Milk Cows into Beef Cows

By: Jeff Berwick | Mon, Sep 19, 2011
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We are now entering the final stages of the collapse of the western financial system and the democracies and nation-states themselves. Faced with soaring deficits the western governments have been thrashing around looking at any possible way to stay alive a little longer as their tax milk cows become tapped out.

Future Hitler Wanna-Be,
Danny Alexander

In the UK, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, recently walked up to the microphone and announced that it was up to those who still had wealth left after decades of wealth destruction by the government to pay their "share of the burden".

How it is anyone's burden other than the government officials themselves is hard to see. But, Danny Alexander, who probably gravitated to government work after having been beat up in the government school system relentlessly for being such a doughboy found that all he has to do is get his greasy self into the system and from there he can be the one who throws people into cages if they do not give him their lunch money.

With fists clenched, he announced the hiring of 2,000 new tax collectors to ensure they get their pound of flesh from UK citizens and even formed a 100 member "affluence team" to make sure that those who still have some affluence are quickly sorted out.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond, another man with Hitler-esque intentions, Barack Obama, conveyed the thoughts of the Presidential teleprompter and stated it was time that the rich in the US pay their "fair share".

His perception of fairness is difficult to fathom, considering that the top 1% of the US population pay 40% of the extortion fees (taxes) already.

To show he has support from, well, one rich person, Warren Buffet, he named the tax after the government-sellout, former best investor of the world, calling it the "Buffet Tax". What a proud moment that must be to have a tax named after you, hey Warren?

While Warren made his money on his own decades ago, he has since gone the route of the typical older, wealthy individual and sold out to the system now in order to try to keep his wealth and prestige. He trades off socialistic soundbites now in exchange for tipoffs and deals on stocks like Bank of America.

So, in both the UK and the US they are going after "rich" folks. But, the fact of the matter is, the incredibly wealthy, if they are smart, are already in bed with all the right governmental officials to make sure they have every loophole out of paying more. And the rich, if they have any capability, will be taking off for foreign lands in droves. Many already have. Just ask Jim Rogers, Doug Casey and Robert Friedland to name a few.

Seeing this, Austria, not liking that Europeans may be trying to protect themselves from the collapsing euro, announced that gold will now be a "restricted commodity" and won't allow purchase transactions of over 15,000 euros.

In the meanwhile, Mayor Bloomberg of New York warns to prepare for riots and Ron Paul has stated something in which we have long said, that the wall on the Mexican border could be used to keep Americans in, in the future.

All of this points to the fact that those who have long been thought of by their own government as tax milk cows may find their government looking at some of them with a knife and fork.

Given all the evidence it is becoming crazy not to begin to look to protect yourself. If you haven't begun to move your retirement savings outside of your home country, as can be done - for Americans - through the Unleash Your IRA program (https://passportira.infusionsoft.com/go/unleash/dv) or looked to get a second passport via services such as our Dominican Republican residency and passport services (http://www.dollarvigilante.com/dominican-passport/) then what are you waiting for?

There will be no official announcement ahead of the collapse of these states. In fact, they will inundate their tax milk cows with propaganda saying the exact opposite right up until the day of collapse. Just ask anyone who used to live in the USSR. Other than those with government or KGB ties, only those who managed to defect/expatriate or get their assets out of the ruble and outside of the country managed to survive the collapse in comfort and could then return with their assets afterwards to help rebuild (and make even larger fortunes).

For those who were least prepared and who found themselves on the wrong side of the Communist government, they quickly found out that the transition from milk cow to beef cow could come with just a knock at the door.



Jeff Berwick

Author: Jeff Berwick

Jeff Berwick
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Jeff Berwick

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