A Major Problem with Big Government

By: Ian Campbell | Fri, Sep 23, 2011
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An article last Wednesday titled 'Billions in Unemployment Benefits Paid In Error' - reading time 3 minutes - reports that in the U.S., in the three year period ended June 30, nearly $19 billion in state unemployment benefits were paid in error. That is 19,000 million dollars. Prior to discussing this in the context of the referenced article, let me revisit just how much 19,000 million dollars is.

In the past few years people have heard, and read, media talking heads and writers 'throw around' the words 'trillion' and 'billion' so many times they have become commonplace. Much of the 'shock value' either of those words would have brought to a newscast or an written article only, say, 15 - 20 years ago has been lost.

A million dollars is a number that is much easier for most people in a developed country to relate to, although even a million dollars has lost its 1970's (and prior) meaning. To once again put a million, a billion, and a trillion into perspective, if one travelled 1 million miles, they would have circumvented the Earth approximately 40 times. If one travelled 1 billion miles, they would have circumvented the Earth 40,000 times. If one travelled 1 trillion miles, that person would have circumvented the Earth 40 million times.

To relate those calculations to the above noted reported 'paid in error' U.S. state unemployment benefits, 19 billion is a number equivalent to circumventing the Earth 760,000 times. One billion is a colossal number. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

There are currently about 330 million men, women and children living in the United States. This one reported 'element of wasted dollars' is equal to approximately $630 for every one of those men, women and children. This reported 'error' is not a 'rounding error'. Did the referenced article review the 'error' in such a quantified way? No, it simply:

I think that errors such as the one reported become less acceptable as government budgets get ever tighter. I leave it to you to agree or disagree.



Ian Campbell

Author: Ian Campbell

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