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By: Steve Bauer | Tue, Sep 27, 2011
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Update & Recommendations:

This was my posting in my personal / private blog on Tuesday the 27th. To view my blog simple click on the following URL:!/investrotation/

Tuesday - Insert - Sept. 27th.

Friday was followed by an expected strong Monday and today was a good follow-on but was not, in total what the Bulls would like to have seen.

In the last hour today the Dow 30 came off its highs by 222 points. That means it is braking down even thought it was up nearly 150 points for the day. (Do You Understand the Last Sentence?) The volatility of this marketplace is a major contributor in tearing this world apart within a supposed "regulated" financial industry that you the public investor could never comprehend. In plain language you are getting screwed and they are pocketing your hard earned money.

I preach, I tell stories and I try to get your attention. The accuracy of my forecasts are as good as anything on or off the street. ("the street" is a term for Wall Street and the financial industry). What more can I do to get your attention? Guess what, someday this will be a blog requiring a pass-word and that is not too far off in being another reality.

A few years ago I had to nearly fight to get my daughter to promise to look at some historical charts to make the point of how stupid it was to hold mutual funds when the Trend is Down, and the Economy is in Deep Pucky. She kept saying her Stockbroker keeps telling her to hold the mutual funds that they always come back. I had to say: "Your Stockbroker is a Liar." She said: ok, I'll study some historical charts. She did, fired her broker, and moved to a self-directed IRA with a major securities firm. My daughter and her husband are doctors. Smart about medicine, very smart! And, Ignorant about their retirement money, very ignorant! That for me as their "old man" was a very hard lesson to teach someone I really love. Even they almost required a brick bat.

Where are you?

My forecast and thoughts are "right on" and remain intact. More recently that feat has been very, very difficult but soon your patience with me will be rewarded. I continue to believe the needed - Bearish Conformation of Taking Bearish Positions will be validated.

Repeating last Friday: Taking positions prior to this drop (last week's drop) was impossible to have foreseen. My methodology is as good as any I have ever reviewed, and I have reviewed hundreds of theories of some very well known and highly regarded financial analysts. I just read in a blog that said: "the probability of profit on one of their positions was 73%." I can assure you that if you are investing your money with less than 90% probability of being profitable - you will be a loser. I am currently running over 90% on the Short-Term.

This volatility is difficult to handle, and the Investing Public, since April is taking it in the neck as usual. Unfortunately for them, there will be a Bearish / Low Risk entry point in the coming days.
See you again tomorrow - Wednesday after the close . . .

Note: You will be notified, here in when the General Market confirms my anticipated Bearish Inflection Point - it will be something like: "Houston it's a "Go" - we are airborne . . ." If you are a Prospective Client, you will receive specific recommendations - upon request. This "free advice" will soon be stopped and made available only to Clients and Prospective Clients.

To keep up with my personal / private blog - use this URL: ( It would be nice as well as appreciated if you would become a "twitter" follower )!/investrotation/

This will be as far as I go with recommendations, warnings and alerts in the flow of on going publishing of my several blogs. If that is sufficient for you - that is great, and I am pleased to offer you this level of direction. If you are looking for more detail and learn more about how I do my work / analytics - you will have to - ask specific questions and contact me by Email.

Something to Ponder:

Nothing this week . . .

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I would appreciate your sharing just a bit about yourself and your investment objectives,

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Thank you for your time in reading my "stuff."

Smile, have Fun - "Investing Wisely",



Steve Bauer

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