Investing Wisely -- Update with Recommendations and Personalized Follow-Up

By: Steve Bauer | Sat, Oct 1, 2011
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Update & Recommendations:

I have promised for quite some time to provide you with clear 'notification' when I began to take Bearish Positions for my Clients.

Beginning Wednesday, Thursday and today Friday I made formal recommendations to take very selective Bearish Positions. This also includes following the Asset Allocation Models for each Client.

So, as the below Note has said - that I would say: "Houston it's a "Go" - we are airborne ..."

(Repeat of my previously posted - Note): You will be notified, here in when the General Market confirms my anticipated Bearish Inflection Point - it will be something like: "Houston it's a "Go" - we are airborne ..."

Unfortunately, I only work with and for "serious investors" and cannot take the time to share my work / analytics with everyone. As an ex-professor of finance and economics, my heart truly wishes that I could. I guess I am getting old!

My "free advice days" will soon be stopped and made available only to Clients and Prospective Clients.

This means I will soon change my format for my postings - likely tomorrow. I intend to privately, that is with Clients and Prospective Clients, provide much more detail, teaching / mentoring and invite / encourage a personalized Email dialog.

To keep up with my personal / private blog - use this URL: (It would be nice as well as appreciated if you would become a "twitter" follower)

Notice: This blog will require a password for access sometime in the coming months.!/investrotation/

Three articles supporting my "Three Pillars" of my Investment Methodology that you may want to read: (the title for each is at the end of the below URLs)
# 1.
# 2.
# 3.

I would appreciate you also reading my more complete Bio. - with strong / accurate opinions offered to be sure we are at least a little compatible in our investment philosophy. Use this URL for my Bio:

If you would like to have further information on my work / analytics or perhaps my professional asset management, mentoring or consulting - services ...
I would appreciate your sharing just a bit about yourself and your investment objectives.
I wll also need you to ask specific questions regarding your interest and perhaps - how you think I might be of help.
Please understand that I am seeking "serious investors." I wish I could do more!
Just send me an Email, and I will respond promptly.

Thank you for your time in reading my "stuff." It is conservative, low risk exposure to the marketplace and very profitable.
Smile, have Fun - "Investing Wisely",



Steve Bauer

Author: Steve Bauer

Steven H. Bauer, Ph.D.

Steve Bauer

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