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By: Gary Tanashian | Tue, Oct 18, 2011
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Chris Hedges has stirred up a mini epiphany in the blogger, especially considering the endless war-making that is employed in the name of corporate gain. I am always against war, whether it is apparently 'justified' or not. I hate war. I supposed that sometimes it is necessary, but only to a tiny fraction of the scale to which it is systematically carried out.

A couple more articles for your consideration can be found here The first, 'Going Apeshit' by James Howard Kunstler, shows the situation in cartoon-like fashion (a huge compliment, btw) as only Kunstler can. He also shines a light on President Obama's superficial attempt to align himself with OWS for political gain.

Then there is the boring stuff, compliments of Bill Bonner entitled 'The Real Problem the Wall Street Occupiers Have Missed'. This piece assigns blame where it belongs, with the corrupt monetary system under which we toil; an out of control system of credit creation (inflation) and equal and opposite impoverishment. Gold is a monetary revolution you know.

I realize I have trained myself - in the context of this blog and my financial market dealings in general - to be something of a robot; uncaring, unaffected and unbiased. But I am a human too. I first reacted against corporate evil-making by writing - a lot. Then I went to the 'dark side' and commercialized. I am no hippie, after all. I am a member of the capitalist, free enterprise community.

But I like to think I keep a moral compass in good working order at all times and right now, my compass is indicating that I should get off the high horse and get with what is going on here. The market needs cold, uncaring analysis. I can and will do that. But I think I am going to get my ass out of cyber space and into Boston so that I can view OWS without abstraction.



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