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By: Steve Bauer | Sat, Nov 19, 2011
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Something to Ponder:

In this posting, I would like to share with you several more compelling reasons to be a strong Bear - NOW!

Last Sunday I offered you a great deal of information that was very, very accurate. Good if you are in cash or hold Bearish position and bad if you are long and / or hold mutual funds. I strongly suggest you re-read my posting of last week. I say this because today I am sharing a follow-up to last week's posting that could be very important to the profit / loss condition of your current portfolio in the coming weeks and months.

My "Conformations" - What are They?

I would like to share with you the analytics behind my use of the word "Conformations."

Without "Conformations" I believe you are just using a random selection of what your Buy and when you Sell it. I just used the words "What" and "When" but there is another very important "W" word, is: "Why."

Therefore, I strongly suggest that without your having all three solid answers to these 3 "W" - question words, there is no question that you are in deep pucky. I can provide you with compelling reasons / answers to your pondering about not enjoying a profitable and consistent annual bottom line.

In my analytics there are three Levels of Conformations that I use in my 40+ year old Methodology for Investing Wisely.

The first is actually quite simple. You must have the Patience and Discipline to wait for my 5 top Indices to collectively trigger a Bullish or Bearish Conformation. These Indices are not the standard Dow 30, S&P, Nasdaq or Russell, etc. Indices. They don't work for me and they won't work for you. So identifying an accurate and reliable Bullish or Bearish Inflection Point is my first level conformation.

Note: a first level Bearish Conformation of a Bearish Inflection Point was made on Thursday and was shared with you in this blog that same day. Take a minute to scroll down to Thursday.
It is important to understand that UNTIL all three Levels of Conformation are in place that there is a Possibility that - Taking Bullish or Bearish Positions - can be and sometimes are - aborted.
While disappointing at the time - clearly it is best to wait, and be patient.

The second level of conformations is for me to move very quickly into My Rotation Model - (see the URL for a narrative on my Rotation Model ). You will note below that I share 3 articles in all my postings. My Rotation Model is one of my three Pillars for my Methodology of Investing Wisely - see below.

It is here at level two I use rather sophisticated set of scans so I can easily and rather quickly determine what Companies and what ETFs have rotated into favor in the recent weeks. Being "In Favor" is now essential in this present day marketplace if you are seeking meaningful annual profits. That was not so true years ago.

Note: having completed the preliminary analytics for level two, I can move to the third level. But, before I do there is the need to correlate these scanned Companies and ETF with the General Market. That is not an easy task!

The third level is to take the sometimes long list of Companies and ETFs and determine which have the highest probability for profit and even more important, have the lowest risk to reward ratio. Unfortunately, this too is a manual process of reviewing the Fundamental, Consensus and Technical details of each Company or ETF,

Note: I am currently working my way through a list of 53 Companies and about 40 ETFs. This will take all weekend and perhaps more. My goal each time I do this is to narrow the list down to: 10 - 15 Companies and ETFs well studied for presentation to my Clients and Prospective Clients as Formal Recommendations. You might want to visit sometime Sunday for perhaps a little more detail about my work and services.

I developed this "Conformation" procedure over 40 years ago. I hope you will want to know more and continue to follow my analytics / work. Tell a friend.

Thank, I hope this provides a better picture of my work / analytics.

I have made some changes to my personal / private blog. You might what to follow along for a time to get a feeling for my analytics. I can assure you that you will be positively surprised at what I have to say, a few times per week.
The URL for accessing my blog is:!/InvestRotation
My Email Address is:

Thanks for permitting me to share my "stuff."

Just something to ponder ... From an old fox!

Three articles supporting my "Three Pillars" of my Investment Methodology that you may want to read: (the title for each is at the end of the below URLs)
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# 2.
# 3.
I would appreciate you also reading my more complete Bio. - I offer very strong / accurate opinions to be sure we are at least a little compatible in our investment philosophy. Please use this URL for my Bio:

How to become a Client or Prospective Client:
If you would like to have further information on my work / analytics or perhaps my professional asset management, mentoring or consulting - services ... I would appreciate your sharing just a bit about yourself and your investment objectives.
I will need you to provide information regarding your investment needs, goals and objectives as well as - how you think my work / analytics might be of help in your quest to enjoy being consistently profitable on an annual basis.
Please understand that I am seeking "serious investors" to become Clients. I am willing to work with you as a Prospective Client providing on going forecasts, warrnings, alerts, advice / direction on your existing portfolio and limited new recommendations. I wish I could do more!
Just send me an Email, and I will respond promptly.

Thank you so very much for your time in reading my "stuff." It is conservative, low risk exposure to the marketplace and very profitable.

Smile, have Fun - "Investing Wisely",



Steve Bauer

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Steve Bauer

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