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By: Jeff Berwick | Wed, Dec 7, 2011
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Less than two months ago I was the guest on a radio program out of Fairbanks Alaska called Patriot's Lament (click here to view the video). Two of the hosts were David Giessel and Joshua Bennett.

David and I had become good friends ever since we met at the recent Casey summit. Being a young anarcho-capitalist, we had him on Anarchast (click here to view). Living in Alaska, they had been very curious about my libertarian hideaway in southern Mexico (AcaCondos) and David had made plans to visit this December.

That was, until, the FBI with 30 strong wearing body armor and bearing machine guns raided Joshua's house a few days ago.

The following is Joshua's account of what happened the morning of December 6th under his blog post entitled, "It Won't Happen In America, Yeah Well It Just Did":

This morning while I was working on a bid for a job, my phone quit working. I tried it a few more times and then thought about it for a minute and then asked my wife, is your phone working?

It wasn't.

So I sat and waited.

Then they came.

I watched them scatter.

My wife came running down the stairs yelling, "Josh, there are a bunch of men surrounding our house and they have guns!!"

I have 8 children, all of them watching the scene unfold before their eyes. Dozens of agents wearing body armor and carrying machine guns, swarm around our house.

I think over my options, (there is only one, they kill kids) and I walk to the door, and yell loud enough for the thugs outside and my family inside to hear, "It's the FBI , don't be scared, just be quiet and sit down!" I open the door and am looking at Michael Anderson's wife. They have her in front of them, between us, and she is crying.

"How can I help you?"

"Mr. Bennett, we are here for Michael Anderson!"

"Do you have a warrant?"

They walk right in. My mind is screaming to demand to see the warrant, when I am told, "Mr. Bennett, we don't want any trouble, and I don't want to frighten your children." He's a little late for that. He ignores my request about the warrant, and proceeds to find and arrest Michael Anderson. I stand in my living room and watch the agents running around here to there. I look at one who is holding his rifle next to a car. He looks at me for a second, then moves behind the car and continues to watch. I look at my 6-year-old twin girls; they are scared to death. I hold my hands out far from my sides for "them" to see.

Michael is brought upstairs, his 4-year-old son is screaming at the agents, "Don't take my dad, don't take my dad!" I ask what he is being charged with, and am told he is being held as a witness. "You guys arrest your witnesses now?" I ask about the warrant again. But it's done. They go out the door. They put Mike in the car, and spend a few more minutes running around the house for some reason, guns in the open.

Now they are gone.

One of the twins asks me, "Poppa, why did they come here with guns?" I say they were scared.

"Why poppa? Why are they scared of us, we don't hurt people, and we wouldn't hurt them". I tell her they just wanted to come and get Mike, and it's ok because now they are gone. She says," I know why they came and took Mr. Anderson, Poppa, because they know he didn't do anything wrong, and they don't want him to tell other people". HA! Out of the mouths of babes. She is right, one agent could have come and actually served the warrant, and produced the same outcome. That must not be enough fun for them. I talked to my older sons...were they afraid? Yes. One said," Dad, there were guys running all over with guns, how could we not be?" I told them it's ok. I was too.

I hope they enjoyed terrorizing my family.


Criminals in costumes.

So, Joshua's house got raided by 30 well armed FBI thugs looking for Joshua's friend, Michael Anderson. There was no arrest warrant for Michael and he currently sits in jail charged with nothing as the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner explains. Anderson had previously been held for 8 months just for being mentioned in a conversation with some other men supposedly wanted for planning to kill Alaska State Troopers or court officials and was released until he was once again kidnapped on December 6th.

While we know nothing of Michael Anderson's involvement in any activities, having Joshua's house raided, terrifying his entire family, sadly, does not surprise us.

The police and all the endless government agencies in the US have all become increasingly militarized. The US Department of Education bought a number of shotguns earlier this year, leaving one news agency to question why the DoE needs shotguns. That question was soon answered when a similar home raid was conducted by a DoE SWAT team in California looking for a woman who was behind on her student loans.

Many are awakening to the fact that there will be no political solution for the sad state of affairs in the US. Voting is just the slave's suggestion box and many are finally realizing that it does not matter for which of the two political parties in the US you vote. They both do nothing but increase the size of government and its control over your life. As Gary Lloyd said, "When the government's boot is on your throat, whether it is a left boot or a right boot is of no consequence."

Josh concluded his blog entry by stating, " I seriously think if I hear another person tell me "it can't happen here," I may sock him in the nose." Events like this are happening every single day in the US. No-knock raids are now just a part of everyday life in the Communo-Fascist Police State of America.

Josh wrote to us, "The more people that see we are already in 1930s Germany the better. Folks have got to wake up. Its time to get out while there is still time."

This is something we state very regularly here at TDV. And it is sad that yet another of our friends have become a victim to something that many sheeple still say "can't happen here". Not only can it, but it is "happening here".

Do you have to wait until it happens to you before you believe it?


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