Happy Times in the Markets, But Things Can Change

By: readtheticker | Fri, Dec 23, 2011
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Happy Times in the Markets, But Things Can Change

Some stocks have exploded higher in the Xmas week, but things can change, father time will see to that. UPDATED1

Euro: A bounce was expected on short covering, nothing happened.
Bank of America: Touched under $5, break this and $3 is support, ouch.
Gold: No real rally, and its seasonally favorable, bulls are hesitant.

In the end we see the underlying strength in the US Dollar spoiling the party. Indexes have been pumped up to maintain GREEN for 2011.

IMPORTANT...."is when the first 5 days of January was up and January as a month was up then the whole year ends up 95% of the time within this stage of the presidential cycle."...

Once this the above done, early Jan 2012 will show the true face of Mr Market.

Mr Market hart beat says..tick tick boom!





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