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By: Jeff Berwick | Sat, Dec 31, 2011
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Another year has zoomed by. And what a year it was!

2011 started off with a bang, in Chile, with a 7.1 magnitude earthquake and the Arab Spring, which had just begun officially on December 18, 2010, resulted in the removal of dictator Zine El Abdine Ben Ali from power after 23 years of iron-fisted rule in Tunisia on January 14th, 2011.

Before January was through, riots engulfed Egypt and Yemen and by February 11th, Mubarak handed over power to the military. On that day we wrote in our blog, "Happy Revolution Day, Egypt" the following:

Yet, now that the Egyptians are free, starting tomorrow, the great majority will all be looking to instill someone new as "their leader". Of course, they think this person will be doing them a service - perhaps promoting this or that thing they like. But, in reality, they are just electing their new slave owner... one for which there is no guarantee he will be better or worse than Mubarak.

Sadly, many people think that the Egyptian people will now be free because they may now have democracy. Democracy has nothing to do with freedom. In fact, in almost every instance of democracy it is the antithesis of freedom.

Instead of having a dictator, Egyptians may now have the "right" to choose their dictator every few years in elections. Voting, the slave's suggestion box.

And, what we expected came to pass... a new government, one even worse than the last now wields power and Egyptians are finding themselves again under assault. It will remain this way as long as they continue to look to government to "lead" them.

On March 9th, a magnitude 9 earthquake and tsunami struck Japan's northeast coast resulting in a massive humanitarian disaster. On March 19, nobel peace prize winner Barack O'Bomber began bombing Libya due to Moammar Ghadaffi's desire to initiate a pan-African gold dinar currency. The power and financial elites did not like that one bit and it resulted in the sodomization and murder of Ghadaffi on October 20th, much to the delight of blood thirsty, Hillary Clinton. Psychopath, Hillary, by the way, was the "most admired woman" in the US in 2011, according to a Gallup survey. The most admired man? Terrorist and mass murderer, Barack Obama.

On April 27th, Barack Obama finally released his birth certificate. It was instantly deemed to be fraudulent but then just a few days later, on May 2nd, no one mentioned it again as Barack Obama said he committed another murder. This time of Osama bin Laden via a "double tap". He then said he threw the body in the ocean, leaving no evidence leaving Seal Team Six as the only first hand witnesses of the event. But, in what was surely just a coincidence, twenty members of Seal Team Six were killed in a helicopter crash on August 6th, destroying any last witnesses to what did or did not happen in Pakistan on May 2nd.

On May 14th, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, head of the criminal cartel, the International Monetary Fund, was arrested and charged with rape in New York City. A few days later we published, "They Got Dominique Strauss-Kahn on the Wrong Raping" where we stated that it was an obvious set-up... which it later proved to be.

On September 17th, the Occupy Wall Street protests began in New York City, vindicating our June 21st blog, "Riots and Mobs Coming to a Town Near You" when we stated it would just be a matter of months before major unrest began in the US.

And, in recent weeks, the US empire was thrown out of Iraq leaving all the usual suspects to rally for a new war, this time with Iran, to keep the military industrial complex in business in the region. And then, on December 18th, a dictator so horrible that it should be spelled dicktator, Kim Jong Il, died leaving many questions about the future of nuclear power, North Korea.

In short, there has been no shortage of things for us to write about this year. And we didn't even mention the ongoing chaos throughout much of Europe that was ongoing during the year including major riots in London, Greece, Italy and more.

Iraq Exit Strategy

And, where do we stand now on the eve of 2012? Well, the eurozone is in its final death throes, the US Government is beyond bankrupt, war drums are beating for an attack on a serious target, Iran. Iraq and Afghanistan were just sport wars, but Iran is big game and already China and Russia have stated they will get involved in any attack on Iran... but the Chinese and Russian Governments will be very likely to even exist by the end of 2012. In Russia already hundreds of thousands are protesting for the removal of Putin. And, China is always on a hair's edge from all-out revolution.

Meanwhile, back in the USSA, plans are in place to censor the internet, to institute capital controls and concentration camps (FEMA camps) are being built around the country to house those who cause any dissent with the Government. And, the collapse of MF Global on October 31st, will just be the first of a wave of financial collapses to come in 2012 (more on that below).

In other words, 2012 is shaping up to be quite the year. Great guess, Mayans! George Orwell, with 1984, was off by about 20 years... which was still a great guess. But the Mayans win both for long term forecasting and picking the exact year for a complete change in how the world operates. 2012 could very well be the year when everything changes. If not, 2013 or 2014... but it probably won't be any longer than that before life as we know it changes drastically. And, that is a good thing. This current anti-capitalist western financial system and democratic nation-states have caused millions of deaths and billions to be plunged into poverty, including now an estimated 1/3 of all Americans ("100 Million Americans in Poverty or Right on the Edge").

We'll be coming out with our January, 2012 issue of TDV on January 3rd and it will be a blockbuster issue where we look ahead to the next year and outline our analysis and plans for how to survive and prosper through the collapse of the US dollar based financial system. We'll look at our portfolio holdings, which mainly include gold and silver and precious metals stocks and assess their outlook for the coming year.


We'll also be releasing a Special Report in the first week of January outlining how you can easily register your shares at your brokerage to ensure that if/when your brokerage collapses that they will not take your shares with them. The collapse of MF Global resulted in thousands of people losing millions of dollars and this is just the beginning of many similar brokerage collapses to come. We believe this is so important that we rushed to get this report completed over the last few weeks.

There are three methods of owning stock investments. The traditional method, which the majority of investors use today, puts the individual investor at the greatest risk, while offering the greatest upside to the broker-dealer. This traditional method of opening a stock account, purchasing shares, and allowing your broker to hold them for you is called, "street name registration." It is the riskiest of all methods and allows your broker to lend your shares to short sellers, thereby driving down the price of your own stocks. Additionally, this method allows your broker to "re-hypothecate" your assets - meaning it allows your broker to borrow money against your shares and speculate in the derivatives market!

These hidden risks are planting the seeds of tomorrow's ultimate collapse--The Coming Broker Dealer Crisis--In which there may be a system-wide collapse of broker dealers, taking down tens of thousands of investors, and ensuring permanent non-recoverable losses to an entire generation of investors!

However, there are two other methods of owning stocks which your broker-dealer will never tell you about! These two methods completely remove the broker dealer counter party risk attached to your shares -- effectively removing them from "the system".

These two methods are discussed in the upcoming TDV Special Report, "BulletProof Shares - How To Protect Your Stocks From Broker Bankruptcy & Theft". The report will be free to TDV and TDV Golden Trader subscribers or $24.95 USD for non-subscribers.

Then, a few weeks after that we'll be releasing another Special Report we've been researching for the last six months, entitled, "Getting Your Gold Outta Dodge". We've surveyed hundreds of people, interviewed numerous companies and experts and looked at every angle for how to buy gold and silver internationally and how to transport it internationally. This report will also be $24.95 USD for non-subscribers and will be free to subscribers.

So, there are many good reasons to be or continue to subscribe to The Dollar Vigilante in 2012! Happy new year to all!


If you aren't a subscriber, give yourself a Christmas gift that may be more valuable than you can imagine in the coming months and years as we continue to work to help you survive and thrive in this age of turmoil. Subscribe here now and become a part of our unique community of dollar crash survivors.



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Author: Jeff Berwick

Jeff Berwick
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