Who's Worse: The Nazis or the US Government?

By: Jeff Berwick | Sat, Jan 7, 2012
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The word "nazi" and all of its requisite icons have been so sensationalized that naming your child "Adolf Hitler" results in having your baby taken away by the government... and drawing a swastika is still illegal in many countries, including Germany, Hungary, Poland and Brazil.

Yet, in so many ways, the US Government has surpassed the nazis in evil... the only difference is that they are much, much smarter at how they do it.

Keep in mind that the nazi period essentially encapsulated two things. One, a populace of people clamoring for government to take care of them and two, the governing elite who want, above all else, power and control over the people.

With that in mind, let's look at how similar both situations are today. And, we'll come back to why that is important at the end.

The National Socialsts

Thanks to decades of government schooling and controlled media, most people today aren't even aware of even the most basic history of the nazi party in Germany. Likely not one in a hundred, as example, are aware that the word nazi is simply short for "National Socialism".

The National Socialsts

In Germany, Hitler was simply your typical sociopath and he saw that he could offer a "solution" to the problems caused by the government in the past (Weimar hyperinflation and a destroyed economy). In the US, Nobel Peace Prize winner, Barack O'Bomba, another sociopath, also sees that he can offer a "solution" to the problems caused by the US Government (inflating dollar, destroyed economy).

Their "solutions" are almost all the same. "Free" healthcare for everyone. Military might. And an enemy created by a false flag event. In Germany it was the Reichstag Fire. The day after the fire Hitler asked for and received from President Hindenburg the Reichstag Fire Decree, signed into law by Hindenburg using Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution. The Reichstag Fire Decree suspended most civil liberties in Germany. In the US it was 9/11. Less than six weeks after 9/11, the Patriot Act was signed into law, suspending most civil liberties in the US.

In fact, most of the things the nazis did are the same things the US Government has or is doing... and in many cases is way ahead of the nazis. Under Hitler, schools came under federal government control. In the US schools have been under federal government control since 1821. In Nazi Germany, Hitler prevented his dissenters from using radio to challenge the Nazi regimes ideology and agendas. In the US the Fairness Doctrine is regularly used by the government to threaten media that oppose current government policies. And the US Government is currently working on ways to censor and restrict the internet, through the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).


The first concentration camp in Germany was opened in Dachau in 1933. The US currently operates at least one concentration camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and has many more secret prisons where, under law signed by Barack Obama on New Year's Eve, the government is able to kidnap and take any US citizen and keep them "detained" indefinitely.

And this is not to mention the millions of people held in cages in the US who did nothing to no one. This is where we can see how the US is much more adept than the nazis at public relations. Instead of gassing people to death, the US Government incarcerates millions, who never hurt or did anything to anyone, and subject them to years, decades or life of beatings and sodomization.

Because, either people in the US are 5-15 times more criminal than every other country on Earth, or the US Government has just figured out a new way to intern people in new style concentration camps.

Incarceration Rates

Some may retort that nazism was a racist based ideology. But, not only did the nazis exterminate jews, but also all manner of other individuals including gypsies and disabled people. However, that said, the US Government could also be said to be racial targeting. In the US, only 1 out of every 106 caucasians is incarcerated. Whereas 1 out of every 15 black males is incarcerated. Again, some may retort that "blacks are just more criminal than whites". However, this is not proven by evidence. In most countries, the black population is on par with others who are incarcerated. But, here again, the US Government has been destroying the black population through things like welfare. Welfare can destroy entire swathes of society. And that is much the case for blacks in the US. So, yet again, the US Government has managed to conduct effective genocide on an entire race, but they are so good at propaganda that they make it sound like they are trying to help them.

Some may also state that the US Government hasn't directly killed millions like the nazis did. That, also, is not true. The US Government kills millions of people every decade. They killed almost one million Iraqis in their occupation of that country in the last decade. They killed millions in Cambodia and Laos - two countries that had never done anything to the US. And millions more in unprovoked military operations dating back over a century in every corner of the world from Panama to Libya and massive terrorist attacks on civilian populations like Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The New and Improved Nazism

Getting back to our initial point. Most people who gravitate to government do so because they have a lust for power. They desire to control the lives of others... as many as possible. Millions... billions... everyone.

In this sense, the US Government has far outpaced the nazis. The US Government has direct, all encompassing control over Americans more than any other country in the world, save a few (North Korea, Cuba and a few others). Plus, the US Government has the resources to track and control US citizens worldwide... that is something that the nazis or Soviets never could do. And they've learned how to use propaganda and government indoctrination camps so well that most Americans actually want their Government to have this control over them. The most admired man in the US is Barack Obama and the most reveered woman in the US is Hilary Clinton.

And when they aren't imprisoning or controlling Americans they are stealing their money and using it to kill millions of others worldwide.

So, which one is worse? The nazis or the US Government?

There Are Differences

Sure, there are differences between the nazis and the US Government. There are lots of differences. One of the differences is that, thanks to the internet, the US Government cannot be so overt in its oppression. They can't just gas or incinerate huge amounts of US citizens. They have to settle for enslaving them to debt, taking most of their earned income and, in many cases, putting them in cages and torturing them. They are forced to save their blood-lust for foreigners at this point.

This means that unlike jews in Germany, US citizens have a chance to escape the tyranny. Because the US Government can't just send off large swathes of society to camps, yet, you still have an opportunity to get out of the US and to some far away place where you will almost assuredly have a freer and less oppressed life.

Jews in Germany who waited too long to leave had to break their physical chains to escape from the nazis. In this respect, unincarcerated US citizens also have an advantage. To escape they only have to break the chains that have been built up in their minds. A feat that for many proves just as difficult.


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