Six out of Seven Winners Picking the Euro Currency Bottom

By: readtheticker | Tue, Jan 31, 2012
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Medicine Man

Many folk are pure fundamental traders, they trade the news or events. They think any sort of technical analysis is just voodoo. To all those traders types, we have good voodoo and we wouldn't be with out it.

We have just purchased more rat tails, bat wings and virgin hair, and the after mixing them together we get this Hurst Cycle on the FXE (EURUSD etf) below. Ok haivng some fun here, the cycle below scores very well with our Bartels test and has work since May 2010. The real fun comes with intermarket analysis with the US dollar (UUP).

Post on US Dollar: Bullish set up on US Dollar

The cycle below if traded well by any hedge fund manager, would be buying a new house in the Hamptons by now and he have a witch doctor (technical analyst) on his trading team!

Members: Consider this inter market analysis, the FXE peaking either now or the next few days, inline with this cycle expected to peak also on this post : When will the bears land one on the chin? ...hmmm

FXE Euro Dollar Trust
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