By: Ian Campbell | Fri, Apr 13, 2012
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Why Read This: To observe and think about contrary views expressed in the last few days with respect to the prospective price of physical gold.

Featured Article: Paul Walker of GFMS Consultancy is reported to have said on April 12, 2012 at a conference in Johannesburg that:

The same article reports that concurrently Phillip Klapwijk, GFMS Head of Metal Analytics, thinks gold could drop lower from current levels over the next month or two, but that a "push toward $2,000 is definitely in the cards before the year is out, although a clear breach of that mark is arguably a more likely event for the first half of next year". Clear drivers of this view are said to be:

My Comments: While Mr. Walker's views should not be dismissed without thinking about them, it seems to me:

I suggest you read the referenced articles with an open mind, and only then reach your own conclusions on both Mr. Walker's and Mr. Klapwijk's views.

Gold: 'Well south of $1,000'
Source: Miningmx, Andre Janse van Vuuren, April 12, 2012.
Reading time: 4 minutes, thinking time longer.

Also read: GFMS cautious on short-term prices but sees new gold highs by early 2013
Source: Mining Weekly, Natasha Odendaal, April 11, 2012.
Reading time: 4 minutes.



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