The "Did You Know?" Series, Part One: Stocks

By: Douglas R. Gillespie | Thu, Jan 27, 2005
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The "Did You Know?" Series, Part One: Stocks


Did you know that from its 1973 high to its 1974 low, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 45%? It is what came afterwards that could be helpful in assessing the stock market's current prospects.

About the "Did You Know?" Series

In coming weeks, I will be writing some articles under the umbrella of, "Did You Know?" Most will be relatively short pieces about various financial-market matters I believe readers will find of interest and potential benefit. These will be clearly referenced as part of the overall series and posted at the GRA website, More than likely, the next installment of "Did You Know?" will examine corporate debt and interest rates, and the impact interest rates are likely to have on corporate profits going forward.








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