April 20 IMF U.S.$ Fund Raise

By: Ian Campbell | Mon, Apr 23, 2012
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On April 20 the IMF announced it had raised about U.S. $435 billion to further assist with ongoing Eurozone bank and Sovereign Debt issues that plague the 17 country Euro consortium.

An April 20 article, IMF 'firewall': Who gave and how much, set out a list of the countries that contributed funds to the just completed IMF Funding. The following table sets out those contributions by country and by the Eurozone, along with the 2011 GDP's of those countries and the Eurozone as reported separately by the IMF (as summarized on Wikipedia).


Contribution (U.S.$ billions) % 2011 GDP (IMF) - (U.S.$ trillions) %
Australia 7 1.6 1.5 4.1
China, Russia and others 72 16.6 9.2 (+ others) 25.1
Czech Republic 2 0.5 0.2 0.5
Denmark 7 1.6 0.3 0.8
Eurozone 200 46.1 13.1 35.7
Japan 60 13.8 5.9 16.1
Korea 15 3.5 1.1 3.0
Norway 9.3 2.1 0.5 1.4
Poland 8 1.8 0.5 1.4
Saudi Arabia 15 3.5 0.6 1.6
Singapore 4 0.9 0.3 0.8
Sweden 10 2.3 0.5 1.4
Switzerland 10 2.3 0.6 1.6
United Kingdom 15 3.5 2.4 6.5
Totals 434.3 100.0 36.7 100.0


Commentary: In the context of developed country economic recover generally, the Eurozone is the current principal focus of concern, followed by ongoing concerns over China's GDP growth in 2012 and beyond.

The obvious outlier contributors when contribution % is contrasted with 2011 GDP % are:

Other observations:

Finally, something to think about no matter what your age, but something that those of you over 60 ought to be able to best identify with.

Recently a friend and I were discussing the high interest rates and inflation environment in the U.S. and Canada in the early 1980's. We both recalled how then one million dollars was a 'lot of money' in either currency. Think hard about that, given that only thirty years later references to 'billions' and 'trillions' are commonplace in every day's media reports, and are used without particular thought by many as to just how big those numbers are - and the implications of them.

Over the years I have purchased shoes made in England by a firm named 'Eddie Green'. I love the 'Eddie Green Company' slogan: "Bootmakers to the Few". The shoes are as good as the slogan. One pair I bought has been resoled three times, and still looks and wears 'as good as new' - which lends support to the old saying 'one gets what one pays for'. With respect to 'billions' and 'trillions' of dollars, be "One of the Few" who thinks about what that means in the context of the economic environment we live in - an perhaps more importantly the one our children and grandchildren have inherited.


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