Some Of The Risks On Favorites Are About To Be Leaving The Party

By: readtheticker | Wed, May 2, 2012
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There are three traders in the room, a forex trader, a bond trader and a stock trader. Which trader is least likely to admit their market is free from central bank manipulation? The forex guy has a market of 5 trillion a day, the bond guy has a market of similar respect, yet the stock guy has to admit his market can be easily manipulated by algos and central banks. So when two risk on favorites from the forex market and bond market looks a tad toppy it is best to pay attention.

The Aussie dollar just failed at a bearish 1x1 angle and the cycle for high yield corporate bonds is due for a bearish cycle roll over.

(FXA) Australian Dollar Index

And HYG ...cycle roll over

(HYG) High Yield Corp Bonds


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