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By: Steve Bauer | Sun, May 6, 2012
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It is Really Quite Simple:

It begins with Accurate Forecasting then Requires Well Honed Fundamental and Technical Confirmations and ends with Very Positive - Results. (A / C = R)

You can keep as close a tab on how I go about using my Methodology by Following several sources:

# 1. I intend to post every other week here in It is by far my favorite financial blog. You might want to go to the title bar - Authors / scroll down to Bauer, Steve for my many previous postings. I am also the guy on the right bar that has posted all 38 courses on - Investment Basics.

#2. I am also posting in both the articles and instablog sections of (click for Articles) -- (click for Instablog). I post weekly and sometimes twice per week.

and Community I post weekly and sometimes twice per week.

My most recent Articles:

Apple, Inc. Valuation Suggests A Reality Check But No Bearish Warning Quite Yet
In this Article I said AAPL was a Hold and will continue this week with this position. One caveat is that it is 'breaking down' and should strongly be considered as a sale. The Quarterly Earnings will come out next week and most likely will be strong but have some mixed data. This is my first Warning !

Comparing Wal-Mart With Selected Peers
In this Article I said WMT was a Hold and that Macy's (M) was the only possible short sale. I talk about my Comparative Analytics and why it works so well.

Bank Of America: Is It In Or Out Of Favor Right Now?
I continue to be Bearish on BAC. I hit hard with both my Fundamental Valuation and Technical Opinion.

You will have to navigate around a bit but it is easy. Let me know if I can help.

#3. I also do a Saturday morning "Update" in a special section of

#4. Stepping it up a notch, you can visit my personal Blog on Sundays and Wednesdays for my Update and Commentary. On Wednesday, alternate weeks I provide a Commodity / Treasury / U.S. Dollar and alternate with Selective Sector / Industry Group / County Indices. You will find my forecasts in my Wednesday postings to be extremely accurate since inception.

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Where are We and Where are we Going?

This week may well have been the Bears breakthrough on the current rally.

Unfortunately I post here in on Friday evening with publication often on Saturday morning. That does not give me the needed hours to do a full assessment of the week much less doing my "Confirmation" analytics that a Bearish Inflection Point was or was not made.

The Answer to the above Title question is: DOWN.

You may want to see my blog on Sunday. I will post in the early AM.

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Smile, have Fun - "Investing Wisely",



Steve Bauer

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Steve Bauer

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