How an IBC Can Help Set You Free

By: Jeff Berwick | Wed, May 16, 2012
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"Civilization is the progress toward a society of privacy. The savage's whole existence is public, ruled by the laws of his tribe. Civilization is the process of setting man free from men." - Ayn Rand

If civilization is the progress toward a society of privacy then we've never been more uncivilized. And we've never been less free. The horrific experiment in social democracies in the west, replete with their welfare (left wing statist) and warfare (right wing statist) state factions and accompanying fascism and communist-fashioned central banks is coming to an end... as any unnatural system based on theft and violence should. Every country in the west is reaching the end of their ability to keep up the illusion that they can spend more than they produce for eternity.

This point was nearly reached in 1980 when, after less than a decade with gold underpinning the dollar the entire system nearly collapsed. There was only one reason it didn't. The debt levels of the western countries only had 9 years to build up and they had not risen to an unsustainable level. So, as inflation from central bank money printing began to get out of control they had an option: to raise interest rates to the point where inflation was stifled.

But now, western countries have built up massive amounts of debt. In 1980 the US had $900 billion in debt. Today it has $16 trillion. And now they are the victim of a double whammy.

  1. They cannot find enough buyers for all the debt as it grows to massive proportions. This is why the Federal Reserve is now the largest owner of US Treasuries, by far. In 2011, a stunning 61 percent of the total net Treasury issuance was purchased by the Federal Reserve.

  2. They cannot allow interest rates to rise to levels to quell the monetary inflation. At $16 trillion in US Federal Government debt, an interest rate of only 10% would require $1.6 trillion per year in interest payments. Total federal tax revenue in 2011 was $2.5 trillion, meaning more than half of tax theft revenue would go to interest payments alone. If interest rates were to rise to the levels they achieved in 1980, of 18%, interest payments would be more than the total tax theft revenue of the Federal Government, at $2.8 trillion.

In other words: rock meets hard place.

And now we watch the nation-state beast thrash about in its death throes. The eurozone is again making headlines as its collapse continues and the US continues to have 23% unemployment (when calculated the way it was calculated in the 1990s). Both regions have been so hollowed out by decade after decade of government intervention and outright theft and destruction of wealth caused by interest rate manipulation, price signal obsfucation caused by inflation and economy-destroying taxes and regulations that there is precisely a 0% chance of either having any sort of recovery.

The Political Thief Class' Options

Now, as the political thief class looks to keep the game alive a little longer to extract their riches from the productive class, they are desperate to do anything to keep it alive a little longer.

Their options include:

  1. The US and other western countries default on their unpayable debt. But, because the entire monetary system is based on this very debt it will entail a complete implosion of the financial system that feeds the political class... not high on the list of priorities for any politician

  2. Inflate more to fool people into thinking the economy is recovering and get them to destroy more of their own wealth in chasing the next bubble. But, the US has just achieved its 40th consecutive month of double-digit monetary inflation. That is an all-time record. This means that a further increase in inflation pushes the US to the brink of hyperinflation. Once we enter hyperinflation, the US dollar likely reaches its intrinsic value of zero within 6-18 months.

  3. Confiscate more of the wealth of the citizenry to keep the system alive a little longer.

(A) is politically impossible. Obama's "hope and change" and now the Marxist slogan, "forward", does not work well with him stepping up to the microphone to say the US is broke and there will be no socialist security checks or welfare checks issued tomorrow. Therefore, (B) is where we are most likely headed. But, in order to stave off collapse just a little longer, (C) is now looking like an all-you-can-eat restaurant to a bunch of fat people who haven't eaten in six hours.

So, let the confiscations begin!

What is a Productive, Freedom Loving Person To Do?

Because of this and having the ability to see what is going on around them, a deluge of the productive class have begun to exit the west. Some people don't wait until it is too late to begin to prepare.

Watch for Water on Road

We reported last week in "The Great Defection From The West" how people like Eduardo Saverin, Facebook co-founder, and numerous Frenchies have defected and left the US and France for friendlier shores.

But what about those who can't or don't want to leave the tax farm in which they live? There are still some options for getting some assets outside of the grasp of the ravenous grasp of the collective group of criminals who purport to own you.

For Americans, those options continue to narrow, as we reported in "Hear That? It's the Sound of the Door Closing For Americans". Options for Americans to have a foreign bank account have shrank dramatically in the last few months alone. And we expect this type of thing to happen to most western country citizens including the UK and Europeans.

This is where the International Business Corporation (IBC) comes in.

How An IBC Can Help Set You Free

An International Business Corporation (IBC) is normally set-up in a theft-free jurisdiction and can enable you to put a buffer between you and your assets so as to give you some level of financial privacy from prying eyes. It is, simply, just a corporation you own outside of the area where you live and outside of the direct control of the people who issue you your slave card (passport).

There are near limitless benefits to owning an IBC, depending on the jurisdiction. One of the best is Belize. Here are a few benefits to owning a Belize IBC:

It should be a number one priority of anyone living in the western world to get at least a portion of their assets outside of the country and an IBC makes this even easier and more secure. As well, if you structure your affairs properly you can reduce taxes you are forced to pay, even to zero, depending on your citizenship and residency... all completely legally (consult a tax professional in your jurisdiction for more).

It is our humble and perhaps incredibly naive opinion that your assets are...... YOUR assets! And an IBC is an option to ensure that your assets stay your assets from any attempt at theft, no matter from whom.

Belize IBC and a St. Vincent Bank Account

It is for this reason that we've hired a number of new staff lately. They are charged with making the necessary contacts and arrangements to set-up IBC's as cheaply, quickly and in the best jurisdictions possible. We lured James Guzman down to Acapulco from Barbados, and St. Vincent, to head up this department using his knowledge of IBCs and banking in theft-free jurisdictions.

We asked him to tell us where the cheapest, quickest and easiest place is to set-up an IBC that meets all our requirements of privacy. He has chosen Belize. And then we asked him where the best, easiest, cheapest and quickest place is to set up a bank account for a Belize IBC. He told us the best is in St. Vincent.

We then told him to set up the necessary contacts to allow for TDV clients to get fully set-up cheaply and with minimal hassle, all through one point of contact. He did that and now we are offering a Belize IBC and a St. Vincent bank account set-up for all nationalities, as a joint package for $1,895. You can see more here:

Discounts apply to TDV subscribers as always. Email James at for more.

IBC's... just one more way to keep what you have earned through the ongoing End Of The Monetary System As We Know It (TEOTMSAWKI) from your non-government registered and unbrainwashed financial advisors at TDV.



Jeff Berwick

Author: Jeff Berwick

Jeff Berwick
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