Greek Eurozone Exit Consequences?

By: Ian Campbell | Mon, May 21, 2012
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Why Read: Because possible (read likely, or even 'virtually certain') contagion issues arising out of a Greek Eurozone exit will be important to you - whether you invest in the financial markets or you don't.

Featured Article: An important article with a 17 slide PowerPoint presentation was published recently by Business Insider. Said to have been generated following review of "several months of research", the following overviews conclusions set out in the presentation. In summary, among other things, the presentation suggests that if Greece exits the Eurozone:

Commentary: Whether you invest in the financial markets or not, you ought to:

Given what is going on in the Eurozone - particularly with reference to Greece and Spain - but also with reference to France, Italy, Portugal, and The Netherlands to name but four other Euro countries, things seem to be increasingly spinning out of control. At least it seems that way as evidenced by the ever increasing number of daily media reports, and the content of those reports.

GET READY: This Is What Happens If Greece Exits The Euro
Source: Business Insider, Simone Foxman, May 17, 2012
Reading time: 6 minutes, thinking time much longer
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