Gann Angles Picking Trend Reversals

By: readtheticker | Tue, May 22, 2012
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Gann Angles Picking Trend Reversals

Since March 2009 the 1x2 Gann Angle has been very important. It kinda makes you wonder if the worlds hedge funds and other large traders have been using them all along.

Some facts about Gann Angles
1) They only need one point to draw. Not two like trendlines.
2) They dont move or need to be adjusted when price wiggles. Price is either above or below thats it.
3) They measure price movement relative to time. 1x2 is one unit of time to two units of price.
4) They are a great addition to other studies: Elliot Wave, Cycles, Wyckoff logic.
5) They can expose the symmetry within the market.
6) Some charts are more Gann Angle friendly than others, and when they are, yahoo !


SPY Gann Angles




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