Facts Davy Crockett Wouldnt Care About

By: readtheticker | Fri, Jun 1, 2012
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Davy Crockett

Here is a list of facts that every one should know. If you are Davy Crockett and you can can live off the land then the following will be of little concern to you. If not read on!

Source: The End Game

G7 is at its lowest GDP growth peak in its history
G10 debt is over 300% of World GDP: $70 Trillion
History says that sovereign defaults occur like 'Dominos'
Gorrilla in the room armed with a rocket launcher is $700 Trillion derivatives
$700 Trillion over Global GDP equates to 1200%

Greece has had an 8 count: GONE
Spain is on a 3 of 8 count: GOING
Italy is on a 2 of 8 count: GOING
United Kingdom: ha, who are you kidding
Europe PIIGS are in recession

USA in recession by 2012 Q4 : Marc Faber, Global Recession 2013 a sure thing: GOLDIE LOCKS, WITH THE THREE BEARS OPENING THE DOOR

China is posting lower and lower HSBC PMI numbers: WARMING UP

Japan: Most indebted nation on earth: WARMING UP

COMMENTS: It is beyond our pay grade to lay out what will happen, but have you got GOLD and USD in somewhere in your wealth. What more do you need to know?

And 'YES' it has happened before, many times during the last 2000 years, just not in the same scale, every time is always bigger and better.

If you want a well thought out theory a possible scenario check out www.itulip.com ka - poom theory.

QUESTION: What will be the catalyst?

ANSWER: A political screw up.




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