Too Much Is Happening Too Fast!

By: Ian Campbell | Fri, Jun 1, 2012
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Why Read: Because if I am right, Joe Kennedy may have had his shoes shined this morning. For any who do not understand the reference, recall Joe Kennedy (President John F. Kennedy's father) saying that he got out of the stock market in 1929 when the person who shined his shoes began to give him stock advice.

Commentary: I have been writing these commentaries for the past three years. Until this week I have never felt the least bit overwhelmed by the number of articles I 'picked up on' as important economic or resources news among the large number of articles and commentaries I review each morning. While I am still not in what I would describe as an 'overwhelmed position', without question my morning reviews have taken me noticeable longer in the past two weeks than they did previously. Importantly, I seem to be spending progressively more time each day. Tomorrow, Sunday and Monday will be interesting tests of this, as I have been aware for some time that the number of news articles and commentaries fall off significantly on weekend days and Mondays.

Today's news included a number of what may prove to be important negative economic markers:

The U.S. financial markets are down by over 1.5% in early trading this morning, while the price of physical gold has risen over U.S.$50 in the past hour to over U.S.1,600 (a 3% gain).

This is an extremely interesting time in both economic and financial markets terms. It is also a very dangerous one, or at least that seems to be the direction toward which many world and country specific economic indicators are pointing.

Today's U.S. financial market activity bears watching closely.

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