Asian Markets Overnight, European Markets This Morning!

By: Ian Campbell | Mon, Jun 11, 2012
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Why Read: To better sit back, observe, and think about what is going on in the world, and in particular in the financial markets.

Featured Article: A Financial Times article reports on this morning's strengthening financial markets and strengthening euro (to 8:00 a.m. Eastern Time).

Commentary: Someone (or a great number of someones) need to give their 'heads a shake'. The Asian and European financial markets have to be having a knee-jerk reaction to Saturday's announcement that up to 100 billion euros will be advanced to Spain's banks. Comments:

We have lived for a very long time in the developed countries in a 'magical time'. Arguably, the magicians all seem to be exiting 'stage left'.

Markets and euro jump on Spanish bank rescue
Source: The Telegraph, June 11, 2012
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