Market Gains On Eurozone Announcement?

By: Ian Campbell | Tue, Jul 3, 2012
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Why Read: Because the Friday, June 29:

to the Eurozone 'agreement' on bank funding and austerity measures vividly marks once again the 'trading nature' and volatility of those markets.

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You will have been bombarded with media reports on the agreement reached in the early hours of June 29. Accordingly it is 'enough said' to simply state that the agreement then reached is subject to 'certain conditions', including:

Commentary: On the face of things, this agreement will not serve to solve any problems in the Eurozone, it simply will result in more quantitative easing. Hence the bump Friday in the both the financial markets, and a rather remarkable concurrent 'bump upward' in the gold price by about U.S.$40.

The fact that the gold price went up is not in itself 'remarkable'. One would expect that in where agreed government measures can do little but result in the economies impacted simply getting 'further into the glue'. What is remarkable that both the financial markets and the gold price moved upward in tandem on that news. This leads to a question of whether gold is trading more like a 'financial market instrument' than it is like a 'safe haven' long-term hold.

Further comments:

reside on the same end of the economic teeter-totter. It is becoming increasingly difficult to believe there is a teeter-totter with an end 'that big'; and,

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