Introducing the RTT Wyckoff Short Term Model

By: readtheticker | Sun, Jul 8, 2012
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Introducing the RTT Wyckoff Short Term Model

You will be licencsed to profit at will.

The short term Wyckoff Trader likes to sell 'up thrust' and buy 'springs'. However a upthrust or spring can be many forms, it can be a bar that equals one day, two days or more. Scanning a chart for these patterns is difficult on a single chart and tiresome over many charts. The better idea is to identify the ZONE on the chart that a upthrust or spring is most likely to occur then eyeball the zone for pattern occurrence.

To find the zone, we use the RTT Cycle tool to show the short term price extensions in either direction. When the RTT Cycle is above 80 look out for 'upthrusts', when the RTT Cycle is below 20 look out for 'springs'. To help filter the quality of price action, its best that 'upthrusts' are in the upper region of the RTT Rainbow Band and 'springs' are the in the lower region of the RTT Rainbow Band. has several trend tools to use, for this model we shall use the simple Slow Stochastic based on weekly data but drawn on daily data.

NOTE: A spring or upthrust can be defined as a 'short term test' as well.

Here is an example of the RTT Wyckoff Short Term Model (WSTM) on the SPY (SP500 Etf)

NASDAQ 100 Trust

Of course throw in some of Gann and Hurst tools, and go at it at great guns blazing !




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