Spain on the Brink?

By: Ian Campbell | Fri, Jul 13, 2012
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Why Read: Because economic risk in the Eurozone and elsewhere appears to be escalating, and what is said here describes what may prove to be the 'biggest crack yet in Humpty Dumpty's shell'.

Commentary: It was some months ago that I began warning in this Newsletter that Spain was the country watch carefully in the context of its unemployment rates, federal government deficits, GDP and housing problems. At the time Spain didn't seem to be the focus for most commentators that it was, and continues to be, for me.

Yesterday, the 'rubber hit the road', with the 'leaked release' of some of the apparent conditions that will be attached to the agreement reached by Eurozone country finance ministers two weeks ago. These conditions, which are said to include:

are being called 'draconian'. This is likely for no reason other than such extreme measures have not previously been seen until now among Eurozone countries. That said, it seems obvious that 'draconian measures' are called for, not just in Spain, and not just in the Eurozone.

While this was going on, Spanish Premier Maiano Rajoy announced:

Consider the consequences of these measures, which on the balance of probabilities likely include:

It typically is not a good thing when a 'small shoe drops'. Spain is a 'big shoe' in Eurozone terms. Watch for:

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