A Positive Opinion on U.S. Jobs!

By: Ian Campbell | Thu, Aug 16, 2012
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Why Read: To review and think in a balanced way about an optimistic (and different from my) view on the U.S. labour market.

Commentary: The Financial Post (Toronto) recently published an article written by the Eric Lascelles, Chief Economist of RBC Global Asset Management. Mr. Lacelles outlined a number of reasons why he believes that:

As a reader of these Newsletters, you are aware that I believe:

I suggest you take the time to read and think carefully about Mr. Lascelles' article. His 'U.S. Labour glass' seems 'full to the brim', whereas mine is 'less than half full'. It is good to consider all points of view when reaching a conclusion.

I will have no problem being wrong if Mr. Lascelles' view proves to be the correct one. This is, of course, because all other things equal should Mr. Lascelles prove to be right we all will be better off than I expect us to be.

Topical Reference: U.S. labour market on the mend - gradually, from The Financial Post, Eric Lascelles, July 30, 2012 - reading time 3 minutes.



Ian Campbell

Author: Ian Campbell

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