Republican Convention - Mr. Romney and 'More on Mr. Ryan'

By: Ian Campbell | Fri, Aug 31, 2012
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Many of you may have watched Mitt Romney's nomination acceptance speech made last night at the Republican Party convention being held in Tampa. I did, and have only four comments I consider to be of substance:

I received an e-mail from a Canadian reader who expressed the view that I was "way out of touch" in the comments I made in yesterday's Newsletter with respect to Paul Ryan. That reader reached this view because of what he suggests were the "over 25 journalists and news organizations that where appalled by the number of lies and half truths or situations taken way out of context by Mr Ryan" during his Wednesday evening speech.

I wrote and thanked the reader for his comments, and added the following, which I think is a useful addition to my Newsletter commentary yesterday with respect to Mr. Ryan and his Wednesday evening speech:

I purposely used words like "enthusiastic", "sincere", "well-intentioned", "idealistic" and "high-energy" when expressing my thoughts on what I saw in Ryan two nights ago. I didn't use the word "honest", because that is a word I would have to research very long and very hard in connection with Ryan or anyone else - and even then might well 'get it wrong'.

I should tell you that, apparently like you, I am somewhat taken aback by the references by journalists yesterday to what I largely heard them say to be 'out of context' or 'incomplete' statements made by Ryan on Wednesday night. Of course those things have already, and will going forward, come back to haunt both him and Mr. Romney in coming weeks.

I am always open to constructive criticism, which I took this reader's e-mail to be. Please write at



Ian Campbell

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