Saturday (morning) Market Wrap for September 15, 2012

By: Steve Bauer | Sat, Sep 15, 2012
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Good Morning:

As you may already know this is my regular posting of my proprietary General Market Index and is my Weekly measurement (Inflection Point Count - scale 0 max. Bearish / 100 max. Bullish) of the probability of a new Bullish and / or Bearish Inflection Point occurring in the very near-term. That means it is Imminent.

Accuracy in Forecasting is what it is all about:

This all dates back to over 50 years of my work / analytics of Inflection Points.

Bulls Eye

I have written a large number of articles on my Methodology which is based on the early and clear Forecasting and Identification of all Inflection Points. I know of no other source of information and data that provides LEADING guidance with this consistent accuracy.

I have written Articles on the following. Should you be interested, just let me know.

My Methodology:
My SHB Cycle Analysis:
My Rotation Model:
My Inflection Points:

I use the Dow Jones 30 Industrials as my reference. While I do not favor this Index it is for sure the most followed in the General Marketplace.

The below Dow Jones 30 Industrials Chart is updated Weekly and presented herein for your reference. It is also available and current in the following URL, 24/7 along with many very well know Companies that I use as Bellwether Companies. Check it / them out - you will like what you see!

StockCharts (Dow Jones 30 Industrials) Public List:$INDU&p=W&yr=1&mn=6&dy=0&id=p50720233760&a=270034212

Within the above Chart I have the following note:

The Green and Red Numbers splitting the Weekly Vertical (gray) Lines are my Proprietary Inflection Point -- Probability Counts.

Primary Cycles -- Begin with Any Number above 90 and Any Number below 10 are sure and soon to be Bullish or Bearish Inflection Points. Green for Bullish / Red for Bearish.

Secondary Cycles -- Occur within the Primary Cycles. I have a much different way of precisely Identifying WHEN those Bullish or Bearish Cycles will Begin and End - Also.

Precise Timing is available only by Personal Email from me to my Clients.

Those of you who are Followers and are carrying on a regular Email dialog with me personally and have indicated by Email that you are possible interested in becoming a Client also may (for a time) have my Communications Flow - just like a Client.

I hope you will permit me to answer your Questions and Thoughts.

My Email Address:

StockCharts (all my High Profile - Bellwether Companies) Public List:

The following are the thirteen Companies that I providing Articles and Alerts / Warnings. Remember, these are only my Bellwether Companies as a partial guide to use my Rotation Model to Identify the Currently Most Favorable Companies and ETFs to consider at the time of the above mentioned Inflection Points.


I hope you will become a regular Follower and perhaps a valued Client. My work / analytics should be very compelling for your considering working with me.

Smile, have fun Investing Wisely,



Steve Bauer

Author: Steve Bauer

Steven H. Bauer, Ph.D.

Steve Bauer

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